BBbundle Launches with 6 BlackBerry Apps for $9.99


BBbundle is a bundled app service that puts together packages of apps for big discounts. 10% of the gross sales of the bundle go towards charity and a few of the apps included in the package retail for more than $5.

The idea of bundling apps for a huge discount and giving a significant amount to charity and the developers has been popular with Mac desktop apps for a few years. I can think of no better way to buy a solid lot of apps for your BlackBerry.

There’s a good variety of apps in the first ever BBbundle but if you’re considering buying it you’re probably doing so because of the high-value productivity apps.

SlickTasks by Glam Software normally retails for $9.99 and provides an interesting take on advanced task management and to-do lists.

PhotoClub by MMMOOO is available in BlackBerry App World for $6.99 and represents a great value in the BBbundle. PhotoClub has been one of the top BlackBerry photo editing apps for a while and it allows users to adjust, crop, and add clip art and effects to photos on your BlackBerry.

bMind by Glam Software is the most valued of the productivity apps in the bundle. bMind normally retails for $16.99 and can work wonders when you’re brainstorm ideas. Make diagrams and flow charts of various colors right on your device and ditch all those loose papers and napkins you’ve been putting your good ideas on lately.

The other apps are just the cherry on the cake, there’s a Personality quiz called Personality Psychology Pro, an astrology app called Horoscope Pro and an adventure game called Final Battle Adventure.

Click here to buy the BBbundle for $9.99 for a very limited time.