Control Your PC or Mac with Splashtop Remote Desktop for BlackBerry 10


Already on iOS, Android and the BlackBerry Playbook, Splashtop aims to be the premier remote desktop app for high-end smartphones and tablets. Splashtop has already announced that they’ll be supporting BlackBerry 10 making it easier than ever to control your Windows PC, Ubuntu Linux PC or Mac desktop from your soon to be released BlackBerry z10 device.

Splashtop is currently available on the BlackBerry PlayBook and it remains to be seen whether they launch on BlackBerry 10 with their Splashtop or Splashtop 2 product. One of the differences between traditional Splashtop and Splashtop 2 is that the newer version uses the company’s own servers to control your desktop while you’re not on your home network, which costs extra subscription fees. The original Splashtop uses a free system and is currently on sale for $6.99.

Slashtop has rewarded early adopters in the past with full versions of their latest app so it might be a good idea to buy Splashtop for BlackBerry PlayBook now that it’s on sale.

  • Dan

    I bought this for my blackberry playbook and it was a big mistake. It simply doesn’t connect through gmail and when on a network the response is so slow that it is unusable. Still waiting for an upgrade but the comapany is not responsive.