Revamped LittleBrother 2.0 App Spawns New Use Cases: Find My Lost BlackBerry and Kid Monitor


LittleBrother is a handy free BlackBerry app that used to use cell tower information courtesy of GoogleGears location service to accomplish a variety of automation tasks. A little while ago, the app was forced to undergo a redesign because of the shut down of the GoogleGears location service.

Relying on a new location-retrieval service, the redesigned LittleBrother 2.0 has given rise to two more use cases that continue to grow their list of handy automation tasks. Also the new system is more accurate and power-efficient than ever before.

Family location made easy
Remote Location Request via email combined with password lock so the software can’t be modified make it easier to provision and manage your family location needs. Look up a family member’s location after configuring the system without the need for user interaction like keeping up with Foursquare or Google Latitude.

Here’s how to set it up:

  • Click here to Install LittleBrother on your device free
  • Specify a password for the LittleBrother configuration in the ‘Parent Watch Settings’
  • Enable the ‘eMail-Remote Location Request Service’ in the ‘Remote Location Request Settings’
  • Enable the ‘Restrict access to PIN/Password’ checkbox
  • Specify a password for your location request eMails in the ‘Password (for eMail requests)’ field

These new features of being able to access LittleBrother dialogs over email, also gives you the tools you need to find you lost phone, there are even commands that remove the email after the LittleBrother dialog has been accessed.

Download it here free