Strong Canadian Brands Jump on BlackBerry 10 with Launch Day-Ready Apps


Iconic Canadian brands Air Canada, Tim Horton’s, Loblaw’s, Manulife, The Toronto Maple Leafs, and The Weather Network have developed BlackBerry 10 apps in time for the next-generation mobile platform’s launch on January 30th.

Air Canada will have a free app that features all sorts of airport conveniences such as retrieving boring passes, check-in and manage payments. The BlackBerry 10 app features even more conveniences and features.

Click here to download the Air Canada app for your legacy BlackBerry (OSes 4, 5, 6 and 7).

Tim Horton’s, the coffee chain that defines the average Canadian is big on brand interaction. TimmyMe is a location finder that should help Canadians track down the closest location even in the most severe of snowstorms.

Click here for Timme Me, the Tim Horton’s location-finder mobile app.

Loblaw’s, the Canadian grocer whose store-brands often have the reputation of being better that their name-brand counterparts has a free President’s Choice Recipe Box app for BlackBerry 10. The app has over 1000 recipes complimented by photos, step-by-step instructions ideal for mobile and videos: Yum.

Click here to download President’s Choice Recipe Box for BlackBerry Playbook and BlackBerry 10.

Manilife, one of Canada’s biggest insurance and financial services based in Toronto uses BlackBerry to connect with clients and distribution parters. They plan to have their BlackBerry 10 app InsureRight ready for launch.

Click here to download the Manulife app for your legacy BlackBerry (OSes 4, 5, and 6).

Connecting with fans with the mobile is something that The Toronto Maple Leafs do pretty well. Their app for BlackBerry features box scores, game day previews, news ticker, customizable player tracker, breaking news, and the Leafs’ Twitter comment feed.

Click here to download the free, Official Toronto Maple Leafs mobile app for BlackBerry OSes 5, 6 and 7.

The Weather Network has a formidable presence on BlackBerry, supporting dedicated weather apps for both BlackBerry and the Playbook tablet. Its -17 degrees celcius (Zero Fahrenheit) where I am in Ottawa so weather is pretty important to us Canadians.

Click here to download the Weather Network Mobile app: WeatherEye free for BlackBerry OSes 4 and up.

Click here to download WeatherEye HD free for the PlayBook Tablet and BlackBerry 10.

  • Donald

    Since I don’t have a Hockey fan affiliation, I am going to have to adopt the Maple Leafs.

  • Chris Plachta

    I always thought air Canada’s passes were boring, glad someone agrees with me