BlackBerry Preps First Ever Super Bowl Commercial


One of the advantages of a January launch is the awesome marketing potential of the Super Bowl. For years RIM has ignored this ultra-high-profile ad opportunity. With the launch of their next generation mobile OS however, the Super Bowl might be just the thing to turn some heads and generated some much-needed hype.

RIM usually opts to ignore this high risk marketing gamble, but the new RIM and BlackBerry 10 make a lot more sense to me than other mobility Super Bowl ads like this often mocked and star-studded Phablet ad that attacks the iPhone.

I’ve always thought that BlackBerry and the Super Bowl are good match. The Super Bowl caters to business types as much as it does blue collar work, both of which are ideal potential BlackBerry 10 users. The 30 second spot airing in both the US and Canada will also be complimented by on-site marketing during the game and a social media plan involving Facebook and Twitter.

I like how compatible the NFL and BlackBerry are, how many times per game do sportscasters refer to the teams’ playbook? It’s a subtle free ad for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet if you ask me.

  • Hardened

    I miss the old format of this site … where we can read full articles.

    If there is a business focused article you need a hand with researching please let me know

  • RP Singh

    Normally I don’t follow US football at all but I am looking forward to seeing this advertisement.