10tons Announces 10 Launch Games for BlackBerry 10


Finnish game developer 10tons has been busy preparing a full lineup of games for RIM’s next generation mobile platform: BlackBerry 10. The games will be ready for the big launch on January 30th and features lots of puzzle games as well as a few other genres.

10tons has been cutting their teeth on BlackBerry 10 by releasing “tons” of BlackBerry Playbook games over the last year.

Here’s a list of their launch titles:

Azkend: 10tons’ polished puzzle franchise for $2.99

Azkend 2-The World Beneath: 2nd installment of this match-3 puzzle game for $5.99

Sparkle: A match 3 puzzle game. A hit on the PC and MC, just $2.99

Boom Brigade 2: An alien-blasting action-strategy game for $2.99

Heroes of Kalevala: A puzzle game with a mythical story for $2.99

Joining Hands: A charming puzzle game with the goal of joining everyone’s hands on-screen. Cute game for just $1.99

Ironworm: a physics-based puzzle game. Defeat the bugs to win. $1.99

Puzkend: a matching puzzle game that will please any pro puzzle gamer. No new pieces are generated when they are clear making the strategy all the sweeter: $1.99

King Oddball: A physics-based destruction game with really enjoyable, stress-relieving gameplay. $2.99

Dragon Portals: A match-3 puzzle game with great style and innovative gameplay.

RIM’s solid platform strategy has led to an overwhelming amount of launch apps and games for yet to be released device.