BlackBerry 10 Launch Announcement Toronto


I’m here at the press-saturated BlackBerry 10 launch event in Toronto. I’ve been to several device launch events in the past and none have come close to the scale and scope of this announcement.

There are just tons or RIM staffers as well as an over 200-strong press core. I get the feeling from talking to (non-RIM) people that they think they know the gist of what is being announced. RIM staffers are already being less shy about using their new devices in the open. I get the feeling there’s more to this launch than what is currently understood via leaks and public opinion.

Could it be an early launch of the Keyboard-enabled BlackBerry X10 or a new feature from deep within RIM’s R&D.

Stay tuned for photos, details and demo videos here at BlackBerryCool.

Let’s do this.