Free BitTorrent and µTorrent Remote App for BlackBerry 10


BitTorrent Remote for BlackBerry 10 is an app that allows you to add Torrent files to your download queue to any computer running either BitTorrent or µTorrent clients. The app’s killer feature however, is the ability to download the file to your BlackBerry 10 device after your PC has done the heavy lifting.

Downloading files using BitTorrent is a bit hard on mobile devices’ bandwidth and latency. Not only do you download using dozens of connections but you also need to have a decent upload rate. This is something your idle PC has no problem doing, while on smartphones that sort of data draw would be terrible for your data plan and hard on your battery.

Often times acquiring a 100mb file takes more data transfer to complete than the 100mb file itself, seeding the file or being a peer as you download can add more data to that total. Ideal for your home PC whose data comes at a much cheaper rate that your mobile data.

The app isn’t searchable on BlackBerry World just yet but in the meantime, the Z10′s very capable browser can still access to manage your downloads remotely. (You’ll have to tap the screen franticly to simulate mouse movement.)