Uniwar HD Brings Free Turn Based Strategy Action to BlackBerry 10


UniWar HD by Easy Software Solutions is a turn-based multiplayer strategy game originally developed on Android. Having been launched on the Z10 and PlayBook makes UniWar compatible with iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

Featuring thousands of different maps, UniWar HD uses hexagons to mark territory and spaces. There are several different types of land that give a variety of stat bonuses (or penalties) to each of the 3 races’ 8 different units.

The multiplayer component has room for 20 different “chess by mail” sessions complete with email notifications and inter-player chat. The other custom game modes include playing against the computer, or Hot Seat mode allowing 2 players to face off on a single device.

The campaign features 21 missions, perfect for testing your mettle before graduating to real online competition. If you climb the ranks enough, you may find yourself on the global online leaderboards.

Click here to download UniWar HD for BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook for free.