BlackBerry 10 OS Update Optimizes Battery and Brings Lots of Fixes


BlackBerry has pushed a big OS update for the all-new Z10. The update patches bugs, improves the camera in low light, optimizes battery and improves the way the browser handles rich media.

One of the things I like most about BlackBerry as of late is their zeal for updating software. It’s great for clients too because generally people are pretty satisfied when they first get their new device, but that satisfaction grows with every update, performance tweak and optimization.

This update is a big one covering a lot of the gripes people are having with the new device such as battery life, camera performance in low light and The way the OS handles all sorts of messaging.

I’ve installed the update and it seems to be running very smoothly so far.

Click here for more details at the Inside BlackBerry Blog.

  • RP Singh

    How can I get this update? The phone itself tells me it’s already got the latest software yet the version # is 10.0.9.something and not 10.0.10.something..