BlackBerry Live and BlackBerry Jam Americas: Orlando Registration Now Open


Time for another year of BlackBerry Live, the annual uber-networking event for everything BlackBerry in Orlando Florida. BlackBerry Live has grown year after year and this one will have no shortage of BlackBerry 10 excitement. Alongside the main event is BlackBerry Jam Americas which grants developers special access to lots of the BlackBerry Live events but at favourable pricing.

This year’s BlackBerry Live should have plenty to see and do with lots of developers and publishers showcasing their latest apps. The conference is built on a strong foundation of enterprise solutions and there should be plenty of demos that should peek the interest of CIOs and big business alike.

Everyone is going to be there for the main keynote packed with the leaders of mobility and you’ll be able to fill your schedule with highly specialized sessions, panels, awards, developer events or if networking is your game: the parties.

Click here for the BlackBerry Live landing page and be sure to register before March 22nd for a special early bird rate.

BlackBerry Jam Americas going on May 14th to 16th alongside the BlackBerry Live conference has begun registering attendees. BlackBerry 10 has launched and developers everywhere are in full swing publishing apps and getting sales on this budding new platform.

Click here to register, the early bird rate is just $449 not counting a potential alumni discount and students can get an amazing student rate at just $299 US.