Tech21 Impact Snap Case for the BlackBerry Z10 Offers High Tech Impact Protection


Introducing the Tech21 Impact Snap Case for the BlackBerry Z10. The Tech21 case is a premium offering that features d3o technology to minimize drop damage. d3o is an advanced material that stiffens apon impact, taking the punch out a hard drop.

The Tech21 case with it’s advanced materials protects against a variety of drops. How many cases can make the claim that they utilize non-Newtonian liquids as part of their drop protection design?

The way armor works from football pads to samurai armor is to spead out the shock using a stiff surface and to dissipate it with something soft underneath. The Tech21 cases’ use of the advanced d3o material for the soft part means they can achieve a high amount of shock protection without having to add a bulky soft material inside the case.

Click here to buy the Tech21 case for the BlackBerry Z10 for $37.99.