PowerSkin for the BlackBerry Z10 Gives You Great Battery Life and Protection


The battery life on the BlackBerry Z10 isn’t great. For a power user, you’re lucky if you can get through the afternoon. There’s a BlackBerry Z10 Charger Bundle that you can use for last minute charges or battery swaps, but it’s not ideal as you have to carry around the accessory in your pocket, leaving it prone to being lost. PowerSkin for the BlackBerry Z10 is a really cool solution that builds the battery into the case, and even comes with NFC.

The PowerSkin for the Z10 has been a life saver over the past few weeks. Since the Z10 now lasts an entire day, I have never worried about the battery life and the device always lasts until night time when it gets charged and ready to go by morning.

The only downside to the PowerSkin case is the sheer size. It’s expected that if you’re going to pack a battery into a case, you’re going to get a pretty large accessory. Check out this comparison of an iPod and the Z10 in a PowerSkin:

The upside to this beast of a case is that it’s actually very durable. I’ve dropped my Z10 several times with the PowerSkin on and it just bounces around due to the soft rubber shell. The PowerSkin is really the best of both worlds in that sense.

Finally, a major selling point to the PowerSkin for the BlackBerry Z10 is the fact that it comes with NFC. This means that if you want to “tap to pay” or share your BBM contacts, you don’t have to worry about the signal being interrupted by the case.

Head over to Power-Skin.com for purchase information and more.