Flurry App Analytics for BlackBerry 10 Arriving Q2


Flurry is an analytics tool that delivers user and usage data to the developer to help them improve and polish their apps. With over 170000 apps already in the BlackBerry 10 ecosystem, Flurry is sure to raise the quality and user experience of these apps over the long term.

Slated to be ready for action by the end of Q2, the powerful development tool features audience demographics and a consolidated dashboard even across multiple platforms. Flurry is indispensable when developing monetization and retention plans. Flurry will support apps made with cascades and the Native BlackBerry 10 SDK.

Flurry can easily spot dead ends in menus and show you where users are hitting snags while navigating the app. It can also reveal larger problems, let’s say that you notice the average session time for a specific device is almost zero, you’ll be able to assume that there’s a stability or crashing issue that’s keeping people from using your app as intended.

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