The Woody: Real Wood Cases for the BlackBerry Z10 with Custom Engraving


A short while ago the good folks at The Woody sent me an all-wood bamboo BlackBerry Z10 case. I’ve always though of wood products for high tech to be a bit of a novelty but the truth is nothing beats the feeling or the look of real wood.

The case is light, sturdy and easy to put on and take off the BlackBerry Z10. The case fits tight and has a bit of felt on the inside so that it doesn’t scuff the back of your device while being protected from impacts.

The only drawback is that some of the larger-plugged micro USB chargers won’t fit through the wooden port holes. The problem is easily remedied by cutting some of the excess plastic and rubber from the plug itself, or using the official BlackBerry BlackBerry Charger Bundle that comes with a slimmer micro USB cable.

The Woody is a Canadian company based in Ottawa Ontario that can also give your wooden BlackBerry Z10 case a custom laser engraving of your own design for an extra ten dollars. They also make wooden iPhone cases so send your jealous iFriends their way too.

Click here to buy the Woody for $34.95 for the BlackBerry Z10.

Click here to buy Woody with a custom laser engraving of your design for $44.95 for the BlackBerry Z10.

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  • Kyle McInnes

    I tried this out. The quality is actually really great.