Sector Strike Strategy Guide and FAQ for BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android


Sector Strike is a hit multi-platform side scrolling space shooter smartphone and tablet game by Clapfoot Inc. The game’s simple gameplay and straightforward levelling of your ship is as rewarding as it is difficult: A winning combination.

How to play:
1-Shoot bad guys and earn currency
2-Upgrade your ship and clear sectors
3-Repeat if desired

Gameplay in a Nutshell: The upgrade powerups that come among with the coins give you an extra hit point, but only one extra hit point even if your weapon’s level is at 4. Every 5th sector is a hard one so don’t feel bad if you die 10 times in a row on level 50 Hardcore Mode. Oh yeah, there’s 2 flavors of hardcore modes after you stomp the first 60 sectors over 4 futuristic perspective-laden backgrounds. In BlackBerry World it’s rated 4.5 stars which is about where is should be: a legitimately awesome mobile space shooter with rewarding long-term play.

Weapons and Powerups and Upgrades Explained:
There’s not a whole lot to screw up in terms of upgrades. You can get the basics like tractor beam, and critical hit, but your main goal is to work your way to the Higgs Shielding. The shield gives you an extra hit in-game, recharges after a short time and is all but required equipment when going into the game’s second play through AKA Hardcore mode. Higgs Shielding is by far the most important upgrade of the game. I find the recharge rate quick enough to only have paid for the first upgrade. Your ship is crazy fast and you should not be afraid to move your finger faster than the game allows the ship to move.

The different ship skins cost of lot of coins, do they do anything for you in-game?
No, they just look pretty. I bought the 2000 coin one and I love how the skin transforms the splash page. Everybody else has a stinky old blue ship but I’ve got a shiny red ship with flames on it: Badass.

Glossary of Enemies:
The moron-managed alien space fleet consists of crude single-purpose ships that team up to form especially difficult to defeat teams. The only thing you have to advance is not to blow your space dollars on useless upgrades.

The Drones: Drones fly slowly in a variety of formations and fire a slow bullet directly at you. they tank damage such that you’ll just barely be able to kill them all with your primary weapon alone. With powerups grunts are easily dispatched and pose almost no threat.

If you find yourself dying to an enemy Drone it’s a sign that you need a break from Sector Strike.

The Interceptor: Accompany grunts, are a bit smaller and do a lot of fancy formations like loops, rows and the flying V to try to ram your ship.

The Fighter: This fires three bullets along the same lines of fire that your ship can shoot with your positron cannon. Just bob and weave between their slow projectiles until they’re destroyed. If there’s a lot going on on the screen, save the fighters for last as they are probably the hardest to kill and the least of a threat.

The Rocketeer: This unit is only a treat when combined with other units. Often times the problem with them being on the field is that they’re tanking your shots giving the real threat more time to gun you down.

The Destroyer: This is the first ship that scared the crap out of me. fires bullets extremely fast but targets you a moment before it fires. This enemy is especially lethal when combined with any other unit. But easily defeated by not making jerky movements and always keeping your ship on the move.

The Sentry: The dreaded sentry spits out tons of bullets at a furious pace in all directions. When you read in the Sector Strike info it says “survive bullet dodging hell”, this is the unit they were talking about. When you come to a wave of Sentries without your powerups prepare yourself for bullet dodging hell but more likely death.

The Carrier: Carriers are not dangerous alone and they are never alone. Every unit type gets thrown in with the carrier and it all spells pain. The interceptors from the carrier kamikaze into your ship so fast that if you don’t focus all your attention on killing them before they kill you. The carrier itself also shields fleets of cruisers. Suddenly units that you thought were non-threatening before gain a certain fearsomeness when the carrier is on the field.

Gold Rocketeer: The same as the Rocketeer except this thing tracks for way longer making it a real threat. The missile can be outrun by you moving round the map but the Gold Rocketeer appears on later levels when they want to ramp up the difficulty.

The Phase-Boot:
Not much to mention here other than they cannot be hit while they are using their phase cloak. To cope with it simply fire at the non-cloaked ships while you wait for the cloaked ones to reveal themselves. Also watch out for their explosion after they get taken out. The name has got to be a typo, for the record I think the proper name is Phase-Bot.

The Final Boss: ?

…Sorry but this is a spoiler-free website.

Click here to download Sector Strike for BlackBerry 10 and Playbook.