10 BlackBerry 10 Tips and Tricks: Q10, Q5 and Z10 Users Must Read


At BlackBerry Live 2013, there was an awesome session with Jeff Gadway, Marketing, and Michael Clewley, Software Product Management, at BlackBerry. They had some great tips and tricks for your BlackBerry 10 device. Some of these you may or may not know. We’ve condensed the presentation into 10 great tips and tricks. Check them out.

1. Homescreen Quick Scroll – At the bottom of the homescreen, you’ll see a few icons representing the various panes you can scroll through on the deviec. These panes include the Hub, Active Frames and icon trays. Use this bottom section to quickly jump between panes without having to swipe multiple times.

2. Hold ’0′ for Voice Search – On BlackBerry 10 devices with a keyboard, press and hold the ’0′ key to quickly enter Voice Search.

3. Spacebar Quick Scroll – On BlackBerry 10 devices with a keyboard, press the spacebar in the Hub to jump through messages really quickly.

4. Quick Social Updates – In the Universal Search, start typing either “tweet” or “facebook” and select “Post a Tweet” or “Update Facebook Status” to quickly update your social profiles. The same trick works for LinkedIn.

5. Flick the Key – If you’ve ever tried to flick the words in BlackBerry 10′s autocorrect, you may have tried to flick the word itself. To improve accuracy, flick the letter below the word.

6. Move Camera Focus Box - A little known feature of the camera is that while you’re waiting for the camera to focus, you can actually move the focus box around with your finger. This allows you to move the box to change what the camera focuses on, giving you a cool, artistic photo op.

7. HDR Mode - In OS 10.1, BlackBerry 10 received HDR mode which allows you take the best possible photo in a situation where you have light and dark in the same photo. The camera will take a few snaps, and combine the lighting to make for the best possible photo. To select, go into the options while the camera is on and select the “Shooting Mode” which is normally set to Normal.

8. Turn Off Notifications - Go to Settings > Notifications and scroll down to the applications. Remove some apps from the notification settings to save battery life. Also, reduce screen brightness and screen timeout.

9. Trademark - Hold the letter ‘R’ on the keyboard to be able to select the “Registered Trademark” symbol. Hold any letter to see the options for that character.

10. Note - In Universal Search, start typing “note” to automatically add a note to the BlackBerry Remember app.

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