13 Bugs With the BlackBerry Z10 That Need Fixing


I’ve had a BlackBerry Z10 now since the launch in NYC and while it’s a fun touchscreen device, there are still, to this day, bugs in the OS that give me headaches. Perhaps BlackBerry needs to invest more money in QA, or perhaps I just have some weird magnetic field around my body that breaks technology. Either way, if other, less forgiving users, had the same headaches I’ve been getting with a device, they would probably be switching to another device or platforms. I’ve documented just 13 of the common headaches I’ve been getting with my Z10 and keep in mind, these are all still happening to this day, even on the latest OS There are some I haven’t documented but could describe, such as the odd times when my browser doesn’t provide me any options other than to exit and I have no idea why. Read on for screenshots.

What am I supposed to do here? I’m pretty sure this is in the browser.

This happens pretty regularly. I open my contacts only to find a huge list of nothing.

I’m not sure what’s going on here but this is facebook. Maybe it’s not a bug but facebook doesn’t really go down.

Are you seriously telling me you can’t suggest the word “she’s”?

When you change the fonts, it reaks havoc on the OS headers and titles.

The selection system on the Z10 is really frustrating. Sometimes it just turns into a huge pin icon that doesn’t make any sense.

For some reason BBM just decided to not show me some of my chats.

This happens often. There’s just a giant space between the text entry point and the chat.

Why is there a random blue bar at the bottom of my homescreen sometimes?

This bug makes BlackBerry 10 look pretty terrible. What’s up with these interlocking tiles?

Sure, you might blame this one on Reddit, but the website works consistently on every other platform and only the Z10′s browser does this weird shrinking thing.

Sort of like the bug above, sometimes the text and windows just decide to awkwardly resize themselves.

This is from a file that’s on my device. Every other picture saved worked just fine. For some reason the URL of a picture I took on my device returns this error. Annoying.

  • bbpro

    I have never seen any of these faults on my z10. Are these photoshoped?

  • http://market-ticker.org genesis3

    I’ve had a Z10 since release day on T-Mobile, and have run over a dozen different OS versions from to leaks to the (current) T-Mobile

    I’ve never seen ANY of these problems. I have not changed the system font size, but I DO have the browser font default size cranked up.

    Seriously — not once, and none of these.

    I call BS on this “report”.

  • Boosterx78

    I bes enviromnent, default contact creation is on local instead of working space. That is a real bug!

  • Scott

    Ditto, never seen any of those, and I’ve had mine since the Canadian launch date (I think it was the 6th of February?).

  • Steve Partridge

    Must be YOUR Ameri-Can OS. I’ve had my Z10 with Telus since launch day Feb 5th, and have not seen any of what you’ve listed…Perhaps you need to move to a country where the carriers actually give a shit about another platform other than ios, either that or install one of countless leaks. Im personally now running…

  • jamir

    I’ve had my Z10 since January and have not encountered any of the issues listed above

  • http://therealrecioc.tumblr.com RecioC

    I’ve had my z10 since it came out on Verizon and have never seen any of those issues you are having.

  • Jeffawa

    Kyle, I have not had any of these issues since the first day on Rogers. I have other problems but not these. You might want to load one of the newer leaked OS’s and do a security wipe to clean out the gremlins.

  • sage_82

    I’ve never seen any of these.

  • sage_82

    I am on the BES environment as well. When I add a contact, at the top of the screen there are two tabs (Personal, Work) That I can select as to where I want the contact to be added. This is true in the personal space AND the work space. This is similar to the calendar that spans both spaces. You choose which you want to add a meeting to.

  • ccan

    I call BS as well

  • http://papogp.com Diego Nei

    I’ve seen some of those. In fact, I had a bout with the contacts up this very morning.

    Still, I hardly ever get issues with my Z10. You probably do have that bad tech field…

  • David Guillaume

    I have had a Z10 since before they were publiclcly available back in December last year and have never seen any of these issue, 10.1 beta was pretty buggy but all fixed for release. Are you on pre-release hardware? I would suggest doing a factory restore and if that doesn’t help then get a new device. my Z10 is the best device i have ever used software wise, now i just want BlackBerry to buy HTC so i can have a BlackBerry One!

  • David Guillaume

    Also the title needs work ”

    13 Bugs With the BlackBerry Z10 That Need Fixed” it should be ”

    “13 Bugs With the BlackBerry Z10 That Need Fixing” or

    “13 Bugs With the BlackBerry Z10 That Need to be Fixed”

  • Gary R

    Had my Z10 for 5+ months and have not had any of the above issues.

  • http://www.berryfication.com/ rezn

    You’re not going crazy. Some of these bugs have happened to me. But most are unavoidable, fixable and I’ve noticed they don’t repeat in the newer 10.1 OS’s. I’ll suggest the ways I resolved some of these and assume the ones I have no resolve for are because I’ve not encountered them. Such as the first browser one. I update the OS as often as I read about decent ones.

    Line 2 - Empty Contacts - Can be fixed by focusing on each individual (invisible ( line and deleting them. After sync I haven’t seen that happen again. Afterwards I cleaned up with Contacts X.

    Line 3 - Facebook bug - Seems to happen rarely when trying to like a page I noticed it more through Android apps than anything. And haven’t found a fix. But it’s rare for me.

    Line 5 - Just need to reboot after changing the font. Or a newer OS. I haven’t seen that happen in a while. I’m on Z10STL100-3/ with Z10 and Q10.

    Line 6 - I’ve had this issue with the huge pin icon a lot as well. I’ve learned to be patient when I select items and assure that I’m touching the we exact places. I’ve heard this gets better on 10.2 but don’t quote me.

    Line 7 - I haven’t seen this. But I tend to delete extra BBM chats after they go stale. I keep them backed up for reference. But I’ll try to recreate it for my own curiosity.

    Line 8 - looks like an issue where you go into landscape and then back into portrait maybe? That does need to be fixed. But again I’m not seeing it often on this OS. I also lock into portrait most of the time.

    Line 9 - Blur bar issue must be an OS bug? I haven’t seen this one before.

    Line 10 - also haven’t seen this one with the interlocking tiles. Unless your holding the focus here while you screenshot it? That would drive me crazy too. Hope that’s an OS issue.

    Line 11 - Reddit issue - I’ve seen this again from going landscape to portrait. But again it’s less often on newer OS’s from my experience.

    Line 12 - haven’t seen this one either. I would update the OS to a newer version to avoid this.

    Line 13 - have not seen this either. That one sounds like a Media card issue. I purchased a new SD for the first Z10 and then cleaned up my old SD for the Q10. I’ve had some issues with the older SD Card. But none with the new one.

    Great post Kyle. I was stoked to see this in my mailbox from Disqus.

  • Milt Davies


    I had seen a couple of those issues back when I first got my phone just after the Canadian release, but all except one never happened again after the first small update I was able to install.

    I still occasionally have issues with the text selection pin, but only in a couple of apps. , never with regular use.

  • mike b

    Had mu Z10 now for 2 months have not experienced any of these issues you stated


    The latest software here in America is I’m on and haven’t had any of those issues you listed.

  • k

    I’ve had my z10 for about the same amount of time and have not had these issues either.

  • http://about.me/kylemcinnes Kyle McInnes

    Ok. I’m not lying about these. They’re legitimate screenshots. It could juts be my device but I’m on the latest OS so I don’t really see how these issues could be just my device. They’re entirely software related.

    To suggest that my article is “BS” suggests that I’m lying which makes no sense because I have zero motivation to lie about this. The site only makes money if BlackBerry does well. I’d love to see this company do well. That’s why the site exists.

  • http://about.me/kylemcinnes Kyle McInnes

    Yeah, I’m going to completely wipe the device and start over. I’m on the latest version of the OS.

  • http://about.me/kylemcinnes Kyle McInnes

    Thanks for tackling these line by line. It’s funny, since posting this, I’ve had a bunch of crazy things happen to my Z10. The device has some weird issues when the memory card is full. For example, the device gave me an error saying I couldn’t SMS due to lack of memory. Also, I couldn’t access the Pictures/Media app. It would just give an error and crash. I’m wiping the device completely and starting over. I’ll see if that fixes things.

  • http://about.me/kylemcinnes Kyle McInnes

    You should have said: “1 Title With BlackBerryCool That Needs Fixing”.

  • http://about.me/kylemcinnes Kyle McInnes

    I’m doing a full backup and factory restore. Thanks. I’ll update after a couple weeks of use.

  • http://market-ticker.org genesis3

    Look, you state you’re on My date on that is 5/15, which is (1) 2 months old and (2) OS and radio 1720/1721 — ahead of the ACKNOWLEDGED fixes BlackBerry put into the series of firmware releases that showed up….. two months ago (approximately) at the carrier level.

    I have never seen ANY of those problems with the original T-Mobile (or AT&T) loads (all 10.0.10.x) or anything of, which is what the carriers all started releasing (I have four different loads from that series which have been released by various carriers worldwide.)

    I never ran 1720/1721 for more than a few hours, as it was buggier than But to claim that this is a “current” firmware release is nonsense; it’s not. I don’t know who your carrier is but in the US at this point the only people with something that doesn’t have a “2xxx” series firmware on it are Verizon customers who are still on 10.0.9.xxx, which is ridiculously old (and buggier than a roach motel as it pre-dates the device’s release!) I don’t believe any carriers in the US ever released and with good reason. I DID see it as a leak — but it was pretty-widely acknowledged as a fairly bad one.

    If your carrier is being a chimp (or worse) then grab the tools and point it at the T-Mobile MCC/MNC (310 260) and grab THEIR firmware revision, then (non-destructively) flash over the top of what you have. Or, if your phone is unlocked, just find someone with a T-Mobile SIM and “borrow” it for long enough to push the “Software Update” button and wait for it to load. You might have to do it twice if your SMS messages won’t open after the first time, but it’ll work.

    If you load firmware on your own of course you might get a bad one and the results are yours (after all, leaks are, well, leaks — who knows what you’re going to get stability-wise.)

    I’d raise hell with my carrier if I had .273 as a CARRIER load — I don’t remember who released it but the fact that I have it as a carrier load and not a leak means someone did. I didn’t take notes on it. What I do know is that it certainly isn’t what I’d run and if you have a carrier out there STILL claiming this is “current” then you ought to be after them HARD for intentionally shipping garbage.

    The current firmware all has a four-digit OS rev with the first number as “2″. The MR release which now is floating around as a “leak” (and DOES have some instabilities — it has NOT been released by anyone as far as I know) has as firmware rev of The primary advantage to 4xxx firmware appears to be that it supports WiFi voice calling if your carrier supports it.

    Current shipping firmware simply doesn’t have any of these bugs and neither did the original 10.0.10.xx on US carriers.

  • http://www.berryfication.com/ rezn

    My pleasure. Glad I could help. Saw some people posting replies like as if you were making it up. And obviously you and I both know that just getting a post like this together with screenshots of the actual bugs is a lot of work. And I wanted to help all I could. It’s true that SD Cards can cause some weird errors on these phones. I’ve had a similar experience with my older SD. Hope you get it all sorted. The Z10 is a lot more pleasing when it’s running better. :)

  • Zacamandapio

    Had a Z10 for 3+ months and I’ve not had any of these issues as well.

  • Zacamandapio


  • Jarmeling

    I’m joining the party late here (I thought BlackBerry Cool was dead), but I got my Z10 (he day it became available at Verizon. Even on that old 10.0 os that Verizon had us on, I never had any of the above mentioned issues. Very odd.

  • Brad Pitt

    i never have these issues….

  • http://www.recuperodati299euro.it/ Robert

    - here a premise is needed. You have received many calls from numbers not in the contacts, also you have called back those numbers, also you have called numbers typing directly numbers not in the contacts, e.g. one of them is 555-111222333, which I do have many calls done and received from that 555-111222333 number -

    well, now suppose I want to search when it has been the first time I’ve been called from the number 555-111222333, or also, I want to know if the last time, is me that have called “him”/”her”/”that company” or vice-versa…

    I’ve updated to 10.2 and still one severe bug is there:
    if you open the hub
    and you select the calls
    and you do use the “search” command (or either click the lens icon at bottom)

    and you start typing either part of the number e.g. 22333 or also the entire number 555-111222333, no results are returned.

    So, what is the point of having a database table with the calls, and not being able to query the calls list?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

    Also this mean that an historical function has been removed, always been available in any previous BB OS: the “history” for the events happen with an given number.

    Bad issue and useful feature missing, together with a bug.

    See you

  • rajat shukla

    I was about to make a decision to buy a Z10- but after having read about its bugs and the lengthy process of validating firmware/flashing it, I think i’d rather buy anything but BB!
    The last thing I want to do is to become a cellphone doctor while trying to use it :|

  • lukazio

    I am also having bugs like when sending a chat in Facebook, it just never sends even though I have stable connection (I tried testing it by using Facebook in the browser).

    In conclusion, don’t buy any BlackBerry devices anymore, the bugs are so frustrating and sometimes it has compatibility issues with some Android apps too. BlackBerry is also losing in stock market. You’ll be better off using Samsung Android phones, they’re much bigger than blackberry and still growing rapidly. Did I also mention that Android is also open-source? Which means unlike iOS, you have more freedom using Android, even without rooting it.