Cheerleading on CTV News for the Canadian Launch of the BlackBerry Q5



I was on CTV News recently “cheerleading” for the BlackBerry Q5 launch. Here’s the thing: it’s not necessarily cheerleading even though this site is called It’s trying to present an argument counter to what has become a mainstream news approach to covering BlackBerry as a company. Sure, North American sales are way down and marketshare isn’t doing well. The stock price sucks too. But this is an enormous market and a mid-tier phone with a solid OS and a renowned keyboard makes a lot of sense.

Watch the video by clicking the thumbnail or hitting this CTV News link.

  • Diego Nei

    Funny how they showed the Z10 for the better part of it, eh?

    I think you handled yourself well, Kyle. It’s just another biased outlet trying to push whatever news they wanted to. “In the toilet, these days” actually is the place where you’ll find the code of ethics for reporting and journalism.

    The questions were all set to get you in tight spots. “The name says it all.” And THAT’S why I don’t bother with TV.

  • morpho4444

    Kyle, good job, I’m mexican and some Z10 are made in México, of course we want BlackBerry to success it concerns everybody for different reasons, You don’t want to live in a world of only two choices with Apple telling you how to use stuff and how bad is the stuff they don’t support and then Android with all the negative stuff they have on security

  • Alex Kinsella

    Well played sir - thank you for the support!

  • DPJW1

    Kyle, didn’t know your site existed until I just saw this piece on Crackberry. I’m going to visit this site regularly. My hat is off to you my friend for doing so well in that interview with respect and dignity. I can’t say as much for those pathetic anchors and I’m going to send a not so complimentary comment to CTV News. BlackBerry has some really good competitive offerings now and it’s extremely sad when our very own media trashes our own manufacturers. I’m ashamed of our media because it is truly unwarranted for this type of behaviour in Canada.

  • Kyle McInnes

    It was a fun interview and I’d like to think I’m not being a big fanboy and trying to present an argument for the industry as a whole.

    Here’s a thought: maybe it’s not the news outlet that is biased but pressure from the average person’s curiosity means they have to ask seamingly biased questions. I often get asked “is BlackBerry dead?” by friends who aren’t in the industry. The news is made for them so it would reflect a seamingly biased attitude.

  • Kyle McInnes

    Exactly. It’s a global market. We should all be rooting for a company to succeed because failure has negative repercussions across the globe, not just in Canada. Now obviously we can’t celebrate failure, but let’s at least be honest about the facts.

  • Kyle McInnes

    Thanks for your hard work!

  • Kyle McInnes

    Go easy on them. They’re probably at the behest of producers who decide the direction of the interview based on research. So let’s not shoot the messenger. But I appreciate the support.

  • MobiusSamurai

    What they said and how they acted reflects a lot of what I get from my circle of people in that they are aware of the new blackberry but wonder why they would change over.

    I get asked a lot about it and I show off my Z10 and my wife shows off her Q10. We speak frankly about the problems (apps, task sync, etc) but we try to show people that’s a great product.

    If that makes me a fanboy so be it but I speak frankly about what I think BB’s prospects are and I remind people that there is more to BB than just phones.

    I thought you did well in the interview but you seemed nervous at first? You answered the questions well and it’s too bad that the news clip cuts out when they giving each other knowing smiles as it make the two interviewers look condescending.

  • RP Singh

    Having worked in the media myself, the “news” is just another outlet for organisations to generate revenue by pushing the highest bidder’s message out there. See “embedded journalists” for an example.

  • I’m Batman

    The way CBC treated you is ridiculous. I e-mailed them to complain. Nice interview Kyle.

  • John Smith

    Kyle - Apple iPhone is not in the Enterprise? Are you serious? Kudos to the Canadian News Anchors who were willing to ask the tough questions.

  • xBURK

    Kyle, I have to say, you did an amazing job with these two fox news wannabes. I realize they have to ask the tough questions, but really? How condescending can two so called Canadians be? By keeping your cool during that process, you made blackberry fans great. Thanks You!

  • Diego Nei

    I can agree that they were probably told what to ask and how to ask. Only reinforces my point.

    If they were really simply representing the general public’s curiosity, then whole tone of the intervew would be different.

    I contantly tell people to get Android devices while I parade with BlackBerry (because only 1 out of 10 people actually need a BBOS device and BB10′s price in Brasil is borderline prohibitive). I show them everything the Z10 can do (and the things it does better than other platforms) while keeping it real and being the first to state where the platform may not be ideal for them.

    And that’s the kind of honesty I naively dream of seeing on news reporting (I’d also like to mention I was talking about the media in general these days and not just news related to BlackBerry). :)

  • Diego Nei

    I don’t recall him stating it was 100% absent, just implying that it isn’t nowhere close to the number of BlackBerry devices… But I could have misunderstood.

    As for the news anchors… Yeah, and they were there first too… Like, nobody ever asked those questions. ¬¬

  • Diego Nei


  • RP Singh

    What is CBC’s relationship with CTV?

  • Kyle McInnes

    Yeah obviously iPhone is in Enterprise, but not to nearly the same extent as BlackBerry. Especially with BES and Mobile Fusion. There’s a lot of BYOD but that’s different.

  • John Smith

    BB installed base in Enterprise is currently bigger but that is shrinking rapidly. New devices shipped to Enterprise are dominatedby iPhone and Android. Check IDC reports. BB installed base is disappearing rapidly and is not being replaced by new BB sales. so yes BB is “in” Enterprise but they are being pushed out.

    I happen to own an Android but i am platform agnostic - I will use whatever works best for me which at the moment is Android. i do think BB is doomed though. I have yet to see a BB10 device in the wild.