CBC Talks BlackBerry Going Private and It’s Negative as Usual


The CBC had a segment on BlackBerry going private and it’s very negative as usual. The entire video is filled with sound bites about the company going under and clips such as B-Roll footage of people walking out of an empty room with a BlackBerry exec left by himself. The video looks like it was produced by some state propaganda department and doesn’t have much in the way of balanced coverage. Here’s a theory: the CBC doesn’t have the capability of having a balanced viewpoint because nobody there fully understands the industry. Government subsidies have turned its employees into a bureaucrats who are more concerned with politics and pensions than hustling to get a news scoop. Anyways, check out our buddy Simon Sage, former editor of BlackBerryCool and now Mobile Nations editor talk to them about the potential sale.

  • Marc

    The company is circling the bowl. Facts are facts. I see no new devices in the wild. The party is over.

  • Aaron Gunn

    “Facts are facts” yet you conveniently didn’t present any. Has BlackBerry seen better days? Yes. Are they in any imminent danger? No. Do they have a strong portfolio of products on which to offer consumers going forward? Yes. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been or where your are, only where your going. I don’t understand why scum like yourself go around posting shit they don’t know anything about. Get a life.