Aerize Loader for BlackBerry 4, 5, 6, and 7 Updated to Version


Legacy BlackBerry devices have a strange longevity to them. One of the biggest problems with the Legacy BlackBerry OSes is that they can only load so many apps before experiencing a big performance drop or running out of app memory.

Aerize Loader in a nutshell allows you to bypass this shortcoming by allowing you to install apps on to a spacious micro SD card. The app not only helps to save space, it helps dodge performance limitations when app memory is nearly full.

The Latest update installs and removes applications automatically. When an app is on a SD card it will automatically show up on the home screen, and will auto-load and run when the new Home Screen Icon is clicked.

The Micro-SD card-stored app stays running until you reset the device to reclaim all of the resources from the application.

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