10 Amazing Apps That Should Be On BlackBerry 10



Recently, BlackBerry announced more partners that will be coming to the BlackBerry 10 ecosystem. Given this list, we’ve been thinking about some of the great apps that exist on other platforms that we’d like to see on BlackBerry 10. We’ve omitted the obvious guys like Netflix and Instagram, to focus on some other key apps. What would you like to see?

Business and Productivity

BlackBerry needs to continue to be the best tool for business and productivity-minded individuals. To do this, it should be at least targeting some of the most popular apps in those respective categories. Here are a couple apps that are on iOS in Business and Productivity that don’t seem to exist on BlackBerry 10.


Invoice2Go is a convenient way to invoice, collect and get reports for small businesses.

Proof that people want it at this link.


A great app for students, Notability allows you to take notes as though it were in a notebook. The Evernote integration on BlackBerry 10 is great, but this provides a new way to take notes.

Swipe Type Pro

While BlackBerry has gone a long way with making a great virtual keyboard, they should go the extra mile and get custom keyboards like Swipe from developers.

Media and Entertainment


SlingPlayer is the app component for the Slingbox which lets you share your TV across several devices. The app used to support BlackBerry but has since stopped support. It would be great to see it come back to BlackBerry with BB10.

Proof that people want it at this link.

Editor’s Note: I’m not even going to mention Netflix because everybody is well aware of the issues with getting that app.

Sing! Karaoke by Smule

While there are a couple Karaoke apps on BlackBerry, none of them come close to Smules which is an industry leader. It would be great to get something of this calibre on BlackBerry 10.

Editor’s Note; It goes without saying that Instagram would be great on BlackBerry 10. This article is meant to point out the slightly less obvious apps.


Chase Banking

The Chase Banking app is a great app that includes cool features such as being able to take a picture of a cheque to deposit. It would be cool to see them on BlackBerry 10.

Too bad the legacy app was discontinued.


It would be awesome to get more startups on BlackBerry 10. Even though BlackBerry may not make a whole lot of sense for a startup, as these companies are often looking for huge numbers to validate markets, there’s still a big opportunity revenue-wise for startups that they could cash in on with the platform.

Editor’s Note: Flipboard is one of these startup apps that we love and it’s not mentioned as we know it’s coming to the Z30.


BlackBerry people love hooking up, just check out the massive amount of online dating happen on BBM. Tinder is the newest startup tackling this problem and it would be really cool to see them on BlackBerry 10.


While the Airbnb website is accessible from your BlackBerry, the app provides a better discovery portal and makes for an easy way to book a spot to stay when you land in a new city.


While it’s not currently available on market, AppSeed is a cool Computer Vision app for iOS that lets developers snap pics of UI designs and make them actionable. Perhaps BlackBerry should be keeping a close eye on these projects and funding in exchange for platfrom support.

Internet of Things

It’s important that BlackBerry get on board with the Internet of Things and lure those startups that are doing cool things in the space.


We’d love to see Fitbit, or a competitor, come to BlackBerry 10. As long as the hardware has a RESTful API, there doesn’t seem to be any reason why they can’t support the BlackBerry platform.

Also, on a somewhat related note, it would be great to see BlackBerry on App Annie.

  • http://caspan.com Caspan

    Are you kidding that you forgot Netflix in that list? The worlds most popular streaming service.. Makes me so mad that it has not come to BlackBerry. At this point BlackBerry should have just told them they will pay to program the app just to get it over to their platform!!

  • http://about.me/kylemcinnes Kyle McInnes

    Nope, didn’t forget Netflix. I put a little note in there that read:

    “Editor’s Note: I’m not even going to mention Netflix because everybody is well aware of the issues with getting that app.”