10 Enterprise and SME Apps We Want On BlackBerry 10


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If BlackBerry is going to dominate in the enterprise space, it should take the time to bring all the best Enterprise and SME apps to the platform. This can be done in a few ways: convince/pay the developers, flood select businesses with devices, or continue on the path of building the right platform for them to arrive at the conclusion that BB10 is the way to go themselves. Here are 10 widely loved apps that would really position BlackBerry nicely in this space.


Asana is a project management tool that lets you see what your coworkers have assigned to you while you’re out of the office. It lets you keep up with tasks, attach files from Dropbox and more.

Check out Asana for iOS at this link.


Hootsuite is a popular social tool that lets you post from multiple accounts and manage your corporate social presence.

Check out Hootsuite for iOS at this link.


Yammer, acquired by Microsoft, is work-group chat on steroids. While chatting, you can send photos and files, and well as track projects. There does seem to be some Yammer support for legacy devices but it does not seem to support BlackBerry 10.

Check out Yammer at this link.


While BlackBerry Travel is an awesome app, it’s cool to be able to use the same app as your coworkers. The company has legacy BlackBerry support, and could probably be convinced to upgrade the app to BlackBerry 10.


Uber lets you order a private car and driver from your smartphone in 35 cities and 14 countries. It’s a cool app that makes hiring a taxi or private driver a quick and painless experience.

Check out Uber for iOS at this link.

Google Drive

Google seems to have stopped supporting BlackBerry recently and it would be great to get them back on board with the platform. BlackBerry Maps for legacy devices was one of the coolest apps every made back in the day. It would be awesome to see Google Drive hit BlackBerry 10.

Check out Google Drive for iOS at this link.


Fantastical is a very cool calendar app that would be great if it could integrate itself into the new BlackBerry 10 Calendar app. Imagine being able to speak your upcoming events and have them automatically populate your calendar.

Check out Fantastical for iOS at this link.


Square lets you accept credit cards on your smartphone or tablet. It’s a business favorite because it charges a low 2.75% per swipe fee. This would really help BlackBerry 10 make a comeback in small business and give the PlayBook some reinvigoration.

Check out Square for iOS.

Roambi Analytics

Roambi Analytics lets you take difficult to read data from anywhere and turn it into charts and graphs that are visually appealing and easy to understand.

Check out Roambi Analytics on iOS at this link.

Salesforce Apps

While the Classic Salesforce app has legacy BlackBerry support, there doesn’t seem to be any support for BlackBerry 10. There’s also the Chatter product that supports iOS and Android, but does not support BlackBerry 10.

Check out Salesforce apps at this link.

Don’t forget, there’s a host of Business and Productivity apps coming to BlackBerry 10 including: Bloomberg, Citrix Receiver, CommonDesk ARCviewer, First Direct Banking On The Go , HDFC Banking, ICICI bank and National Bank of Canada.

There are also some popular Security and Compliance apps coming to BlackBerry 10 including: Cellcrypt Mobile, CommonDesk Compliance Engine, Fixmo Sentinel, Retain for BlackBerry Powered by GWAVA, RSA SecurID® Software Token and SafeNet MobilePASS and SafeNet Authenticiation Service (SAS).

Stay tuned!

  • kierangunn

    My company changed to iPhone about 3 months ago. If there was a Blackberry 10 Salesforce app we probably would have stayed with the more secure option.

  • MartinJdub

    Great write up, thanks Kyle. Our company has fully embraced BlackBerry and BES10, next step is to enable our users with enterprise grade apps.