5 Reasons Why Evernote is the Perfect BlackBerry 10 Company


BlackBerry built a world-renowned reputation for being the go-to device for all things business and productivity. In a sense, the consumer shift has hurt the company because it created a split personality in the company. With BlackBerry 10, the company has partnered with Evernote, an awesome move that makes sense for a lot of reasons. Here are 5 reasons why this partnership is great for the platform.

1. Company and Team

Evernote’s About page does a great job explaining why the partnership makes sense in one sentence. “Our goal at Evernote is to help the world remember everything, communicate effectively and get things done.” The company was also founded by an Azerbaijani engineer, Stepan Pachikov, and has a talented and relatively small team.

2. Web App

One of the best things about Evernote is that the software is available no matter what device you’re using. This is so important and not enough BlackBerry apps are doing it. While you’re at your desk, you can be making notes on your laptop which you can then expand upon on the train ride home. It’s a beautiful system.

3. Chrome Plugin

If you’re a Chrome user, you can easily add items to your Evernote account using the company’s Chrome Plugin. The plugin allows you to clip elements from the web and save them to your account. Found a good recipe online? Clip it and save it to your account to remember to cook at a dinner party or for a loved one.

4. Legacy Support

The fact that Evernote has been around for so long serves as a great indicator for BlackBerry that its Developer Evangelist program is doing something right. We’ve had Evernote on BlackBerry since around 2010 and it’s awesome to see the developers committed to the platform for so long.

5. BlackBerry 10 Integration

The integration with BlackBerry 10 is exactly what has always made BlackBerry apps better than other platforms. With BlackBerry 10, you get Evernote integrating with the Remember App, as well as syncing with your desktop experience. There’s always room for improvements though. When I set a reminder in the web app version, it should sync with my BlackBerry and have a reminder on my device. Sure, an email comes in from Evernote as a reminder, but it’s not the same as a Task Notification. Also, Linux support would be great.

Generally, the BlackBerry 10 and Evernote partnership makes a lot of sense. In order to help BlackBerry users be more important, take a productivity app, and give it the deep integration needed to be more effective. There’s still a lot that BlackBerry can do to get back to the old BlackBerry productivity ways, and the guys working on BlackBerry 10 hopefully have all been legacy power users. Currently, there’s a lot of shortcuts, hot keys and menu integration missing from the platform that is sorely missed from legacy devices. But we can get there.