BBM On iOS and Android Review: Basic Features With Big Implications



BlackBerry announced that BBM on iOS and Android hit the 10 million download mark and for a first day launch, that’s pretty incredible. The question, is whether BlackBerry can grow and keep those users engaged, in order to rival WhatsApp’s 350 monthly active users, and be a significant player in the industry. We’ve played around with BBM for iOS and Android, as well as asked some friends in the biz what they think.

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  • notstevejobs

    You should ask smart people what they think instead of the collective group of idiots you picked. You’re making us all look bad! I found this easy to add, use, benefit from - 4+ year iOS user.

  • Caspan

    I agree Kyle all your point may be vetted by a small group but I have many family members and friends that found it very easy to use and add people.

    As for the PIN comment, I get that this makes it difficult to remember your PIN to share it with someone but in today’s day and age you don’t need to!!! Why do you need to remember it? You have your phone with you at every heartbeat. Tell me when you have ever wanted to add someone to BBM but you didn’t have your phone? And worse case you say “Email me and ill shoot you my PIN” I think the PIN is perfect and a way to not have 5 million people n my list because they just add everyone and their brother. I only have people on BBM that I want to communicate with. Remember BlackBerry is a communication tool not Facebook! BBM is for getting stuff done fast, I think you have forgotten the core functionality of this app is to quickly talk to and message people. I don’t want everyone of my friends on it and it also why I don’t have WhatsApp that’s what MSN or Skype or all those other lets waste time apps are for. For me BBM is only for people I don’t want to give my number to or email and for people i talk to all the time!

    Again I think you have forgot how BlackBerry work here… You are being pulled to the dark side!