MAKE: The 3rd Party Starbucks App for BlackBerry 10


MAKE by qbotron is an unofficial Starbucks app for BlackBerry 10 that brings a lot of the features of the Starbucks App to BlackBerry users. This app is made by Starbucks enthusiasts, for Starbucks enthusiasts and handles all of your Starbucks card programs whether it be the regular cashless Starbucks card, the Gold card, or a gift certificate.

It comes as no surprise that BlackBerry people are also big coffee fans. I don’t like how there’s no official Starbucks app but that fact that a hobbyist is filling the need before the company can is very interesting. The developer qbotron has also said that half the point of the app was to get Starbucks’ attention and that there is a market for porting to BlackBerry 10.

What MAKE allows you to do:

  • Generate barcodes for each card that you own, which can then be used pay at the counter of any Starbucks locations
  • Keep track of your stars and reward counts
  • Browse through lists of drinks offered at Starbucks (not all drinks are available at your local Starbucks store)
  • Find all Starbucks locations near you using an awesome 3D map (customizable to find within 5, 10, 20, and 50km) and get driving direction to any of them.

What MAKE does not allow you to do in comparison to the official app on iOS and Android:

  • Cannot retrieve account balance
  • Star and reward count is not synced with the account

Click here to download MAKE for BlackBerry 10.2 for free from BlackBerry World.