Download This Battery Saving Wallpaper For Your BlackBerry Z30 and BlackBerry Q10


The BlackBerry Z30 and Q10 have a Super AMOLED screen in common and this presents some interesting wallpaper options. Black pixels don’t actually use battery power so if you change your wallpaper to pure black, you’ll have some battery life savings. Another great aspect of AMOLED black pixels is the contrast. According to Wikipedia: “Because the black pixels actually turn off, AMOLED also has contrast ratios that are significantly better than LCD.”

Click this link to a pure black image and save it to your device. Then simply open the image and tap SET AS > WALLPAPER. You’ll enjoy some better battery life.

  • Ross Smythe

    Point taken…but would it be of any use, until the Blackberry apps come at par with iPhone app development in India? I doubt whether a new wallpaper can help…

  • Kyle McInnes

    What does iPhone app development in India have to do with battery life?