Theory About The Sexually Repressed BlackBerry World Vendor JediCompany


BlackBerry World vendor JediCompany is selling a few apps that have an interesting juxtaposition. The apps “Al Quran”, “Hot Israelian (sic) Girls” and “Indonesian sexy girls”, don’t seem to really make sense coming from the same vendor. I wanted to dig a little deeper and find out more about this company, but it’s really tough to find out anything about JediCompany on the Internet. Instead, I offer a theory about the company.

Here’s my theory: JediCompany is from Indonesia, a Muslim country that forbids pornography and since they’re Muslim, have a fascination with Jewish Israeli girls and scantily clad girls in general.

Why would you buy an app that has pictures you could find on Google Images? It seems there’s actually a market for this. If you live in Indonesia, the law says that “it is forbidden to spread pornographic content”. So one would be really cautious to start Googling “hot Israeli girls”, since Internet search traffic might be monitored by the authorities. But downloading an app is probably a workaround, since it puts the onus on BlackBerry the company rather than the individual. Which also makes you wonder why BlackBerry would allow this app to be distributed in Indonesia.

The app isn’t available in Saudi Arabia though. Too bad because I bet “Hot Israelian girls” would be a hit there.

Check out JediCompany at this BlackBerry World link.

  • TZRick

    “since they’re Muslim, have a fascination with Jewish Israeli girls and scantily clad girls in general.” Excuse me? That statement is sickeningly filled with bigotry and prejudice, and seems to show a very uneducated viewpoint. Please stop. Just because this. One guy has a strange fascination does not give you the license to brand the 3/4 billion Muslim men in the same way.