Did BlackBerry’s QNX Connected Car Miss A Cross-Platform Opportunity?


YOU.i is a company that specializes in User Interface design and User Experience. The company has recently announced a cross-platform, connected car concept called The HIVE, that has some interesting implications for companies like QNX. YOU.i even calls BlackBerry out specifically, saying “companies like BlackBerry owned QNX missed a big opportunity at CES.” It’s an interesting point and BlackBerry could very well be going in this direction. BBM and BES 10 are both cross-platform, and QNX going cross-platform with infotainment is surely part of the plan.

The HIVE is a cross-platform connected car concept. The platform uses a cloud-based knowledge bank to learn from the driver and passengers, and allows the platform to change, showing various data points and enhancing the experience for drivers and passengers.

The cross-platform nature of this product is what YOU.i believes is at the core of what makes it great. According to YOU.i:

“We don’t believe an Apple or Google-led initiative is viable as neither company is incented to interoperate with the other - in fact their aim is to destroy one another. But, the devices that passengers bring into the car are varied, so an OS agnostic experience is key to a great user experience.

This is where we think companies like BlackBerry owned QNX missed a big opportunity at CES. They’re in a unique position to build a cross-platform connected car experience that ties the ecosystem together. Instead, they showed off car engine noises (which can be had for $40 on Amazon) and were notably left out of the party.”

Read the full post about The Hive over at the You.i blog at this link.

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