BlackBerry App World Reviews Becoming Increasingly Diverse



When you look at’s traffic over the years, there’s been a major shift in the readership’s location that has shifted in direct proportion to where the majority of BlackBerry users come from. Back in 2009, traffic was mostly the US, UK and Canada. Now, Indonesia, India and Latin America, represent the lion’s share of traffic. One place you can see this demographic shift is in the BlackBerry World reviews.

When you open BlackBerry World, many of the apps have reviews in several languages. Other app stores, such as Apple’s iTunes, took the stance that reviews should only be in the language that the user understands, and they figured this out by making regional app stores. This means that the Italian App Store contains Italian reviews and the US App Store reviews are in English (for the most part). Either BlackBerry doesn’t believe that reviews should be separated based on language, or there’s a technical decision behind keeping all the reviews in one place.

The downside is that reviews become increasingly unhelpful. When you see an app that has a 3 star review, but the description is in Mandarin, there’s no way to tell why it was given that review. There’s no translation available either. In the end, BlackBerry should probably stop displaying reviews in languages that the user is clearly not going to understand.

  • Eric Harty

    I see lots of Spanish when it comes to reviews from BB7 devices, while the BB10 devices are at least continuing to mostly have English reviews…

  • gyubok

    Could it be that readership from north America is diminishing and the overall readership is being distributed?

  • Kyle McInnes

    That’s exactly what I wrote in the first paragraph.

  • Kyle McInnes

    That makes sense. I’m sure it also depends on the types of apps you’re browsing.