BlackBerry Cool is the largest and fastest growing BlackBerry-only publication. The site is dedicated to everything and anything BlackBerry, including news coverage, software and hardware reviews, tips’n’tricks, and everything else.

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    4. Target corporate America, 80% of our readers are American and visit daily from their workplace. These hits include federal and local government departments, financial companies, telecommunication companies, and many other sectors.

    5. Pay only when your banner is viewed. Advertisers pay based on banner impressions and with our software are able to view up-to-date click through rates so they can determine ROI.

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    10. Easy payments by credit cards, all major credit cards are accepted.


The results of advertising on BlackBerry Cool have been a genuine surprise for us. We were actually the first advertiser and are very pleased with the increase of quality traffic, which has lead into sales. We advertise on several BlackBerry related sites - as well as Google AdWords and other sites - and adversising on BlackBerry Cool is one of the most effective ways we have found to bring more BlackBerry users to our website.

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