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Remote Desktop for BlackBerry by SHAPE reviewed


RDM+: Remote Desktop for Mobiles, from SHAPE Services is exactly what its name implies, a remote desktop manager, and a pretty good one at that! As we go through this review, keep in mind you will have to install the computer-side client on the machine you want to remote to.

Here’s the quick rundown of features:

  • All connection types are supported: BES, BIS, TCP/IP, Wi-Fi and HTTP connection are supported.
  • Blackberry joystick and keyboard navigation.
  • New Feature for Storm! Enlarging Glass:Touch and enlarge any fragment of the Desktop.
  • User interface is available in two languages: English and German.
  • Quick commands. You can use quick commands for starting/stopping system services and processes, viewing the list of desktop windows, checking system performance, displaying system information and rebooting or shutting down your computer.
  • One-time fee. All further updates are free.
  • All data, screen images, mouse movement and keys are encrypted for security reasons.
  • You can create a password when starting up application. Without this password no one can access your client address book.
  • Executing any console commands (like ping, netstat, ipconfig) is available.
  • History feature allows to find and re-send stored commands.
  • Full-screen view and zooming. In full-screen mode you can see the remote screen on the entire screen of your device. Zoomed mode lets you see enlarged fragment of the desktop in more detail. In zoomed mode you can also scroll the desktop up/down, right/left.
  • Switch between different modes using the predefined and your own hotkeys and create device-specific keys for mouse click and open desktop menu.
  • Navigational mini-map of your desktop which appears in the right upper corner while you scroll. Wi-Fi detection on your device.

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Podtrapper Podcast download manager reviewed



PodTrapper Podcast Manager by VersatileMonkey is a really decent podcast solution, and they’ve just released their best update yet! With one of the most intuitive media playback systems on Blackberry, and so many functions it’ll make your head spin, this application is a must have for anyone who really wants to be entertained on the go.

Adding podcasts is quick and easy, as PodTrapper pulls directly from Apple’s available podcast database when you do a search. If you want to add a podcast that’s not listed, you also have the option of entering the URL. Podcasts are downloaded directly to your device or removable storage, for playback even with no service coverage.

Here’s a quick rundown of the features before we hit the highlights:
• Automatic downloading of new episodes via Wifi, Cellular and Desktop
• Keeps track of last played podcast
• Remembers where you left off in every episode
• Reliable pause and resume of downloads when connectivity changes
• Built in keylock to allow for control of audio in your pocket
• Pauses for phone calls and resumes when completed
• Built in large file downloader
• Bookmarkable playback of any file on your device
• Support for video podcast (if supported by device)

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Effectively manage your files on your BlackBerry


File Manager Pro

Before you say, “Hey, didn’t he already review a file manager?” I will correct you that this is the first time I am reviewing a GOOD file manager. While I might have been a little harsh in my review of Bilby File, it was because I knew there had to be something better… And I found that better something with File Manager Pro by Terra Mobility.

One of the first things I appreciated was the quick “tutorial” the application runs through the first time you open it. I really dislike opening a new application (especially one with as much depth as this one) and hitting every combination of keys trying to figure out the fastest way to complete a task, but this app has you covered from the beginning.

Now let’s hit the feature list and go over the high points:

• Support For The Storm — Provides double tap and multi-touch selections, and swiping for fast file list scrolling. No compatibility mode needed!
• All Standard File Operations — Copy, Move, Rename, Delete, New Folder and Send as Email. In addition, recursive Copy, Move and Delete operations are supported.
• Manage Your Zip Archives — Open and browse Zip archives the same as folders. Extract all of the contents or just a subset. Create new archives or add to existing ones.
• Select Multiple Files And Folders — Select a range of items, an arbitrary set, or any combination of both. Do any file operation on the selected items, including compressing them into a Zip archive.
• Search For Files And Folders — Search in a single folder or across multiple folders, even recursively. Specify whole words only or to use case sensitivity. Select search result items and perform any file operation.
• Fast Access With The Favorites List — Avoid tedious folder navigation and jump directly to frequently used files or deeply nested folders with a single click.
• Sort And View Files Your Way — Sort files by Name, Size, Type or Date, in Ascending or Descending order. Specify the display of file information, and control the viewing of hidden files.
• Launch Files In Documents to Go — Click on a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file and have it opened in Docs-to-Go. Click on media files — audio, video or image — and have it launched in your media application. (requires OS 4.5 or higher)
• Modify File Attributes — View properties on files and folders, and assign the Read-Only and Hidden attributes.
• Integrated Text Viewer — Built-in text file viewer that includes a Find feature for text searches.
• Unsurpassed Performance — Open and browse folders containing 1000’s of files with virtually no performance penalty.
The first thing we’ll take a look at is the options, most of which pretty much just cover how items are displayed. As you can see below, you can also choose your level of compression when creating zip files.
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Adorno! MultiAlarm Pro for BlackBerry is a full featured alarm system


I remember when I first give up my RAZR and monochrome two-way RIM pager for a blackberry, my first whine was “WHAT?!? I have ONE alarm?” Of course, you can always add reoccurring calendar items, but if you’re a professional who actually uses their calendar for business, this can become cluttered and annoying. Fortunately, Adorno! MultiAlarm Pro from Adorno has the solution. It has such a simple and intuitive interface, you have to wonder why the built in alarm application isn’t a little more like this.

Creating alarms is an easy process, even given the many options at your disposal.

You first option is frequecy, which to be honest, has more options than I think any one person will need:
• Fixed Date - Choose one date and time for an alarm.
• Weekly - Choose the days of the week you want the alarm on and the time on those days.
• Once - Choose a one time alarm. (This is the alarm type set by a Quick Alarm.)
• Daily – Choose a time for an alarm to go off each day.
• Hourly - Choose a minute for an alarm to go off each hour. (I’m sure this one must serve SOME sort of medical purpose, as I can think of no other reason to annoy people THAT often.)
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File management software for BlackBerry


When I first saw the screen-shots of BilbyFile I was very excited about writing the review for it. I saw this great looking file manager where I could tag multiple files and move them all at once. I admit that some of my excitement was based on a few assumptions… you know what they say about those.

Let me start by explaining the application and then I’ll give you my list of assumptions that caused this app to bum me out.

• View device memory/SDCard/folders/files
• File properties
• Folder properties
• File: copy/move/delete/rename
• Folder: create/copy/move/delete/rename
• Star files: copy/move/delete

BilbyFile is a file manager that allows you to “star” (select) multiple files and then copy/move/delete them all at once. This is useful if you know exactly what all the files are called… This brings me to my failed assumptions.
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