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TaskMaster on sale for big discount



TaskMaster, a juiced version of the integrated BlackBerry Tasks app, has slashed its price from $29.99 to $9.99 until September 12th. - a crazy discount no matter what software you’re looking at buying. One-click category switching, Outlook synchronization, and task creation by hotkey. Although this might seem like it replaces the BlackBerry Tasks app, it actually syncs up with it. NextAction! integration is also available, so you’ll always know what you’re supposed to be working on. Interested? Check out TaskMaster!

BlackBerry 8320 coming to AT&T in new blue hue


AT&T BlackBerry 8320

We’re still crossing our fingers for a September 12th. BlackBerry Bold launch on AT&T, but if you aren’t holding your breath for it, the Wi-Fi BlackBerry Curve (8320) is aiming for a late September launch, which will finally complete AT&T’s Wi-Fi BlackBerry lineup. Included will be OS 4.5 (also due to hit BlackBerry 8120, BlackBerry 8820, BlackBerry 8310, and BlackBerry 8300), along with all of the associated goodies like e-mail search, free/busy lookup, Documents to Go… Of course, Wi-Fi in and of itself will offer access to AT&T’s some 17,000 hotspots across the U.S., which ain’t nothing to sneeze at, and it’ll be supporting AT&T’s Push-to-Talk service. While no pricing was mentioned, you can expect this one in the $100-range (like the 8310) and coming in a dashing new sapphire blue paint job.

Free ringtones available from BlackBerry mobile site


Free BlackBerry Ringtones

A bunch of new free ringtones for BlackBerry popped up on which kind of look like they didn’t make the final cut to be prepackaged with the BlackBerry Bold, as they’re sporting the familiar Inspired and Pro series names. They’re all the high quality you’d expect right from RIM, and worth nabbing real quick if you’re looking for a taste of the Bold on another device.

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BlackBerry Bold comes to Brazil


BlackBerry 9000 from Claro

It’s been confirmed that Brazilian carrier Claro is now offering the BlackBerry Bold in all of its 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, crystal-clear-screeny goodness, although it’s apparently not showing up in their online store. We had heard of Claro bringing the BlackBerry 9000 to Chile around this timeframe, so maybe some Chileans out there can let us know if they got it too. Head on over to Claro’s site to find the retailer closest to you and see if they have it in stock.

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New Rogers data pricing brings hope for sanity in Canadian wireless fees


Rogers Wireless Logo

There are whispers that Rogers will be revamping their data costs as of October 1 for the better.

  • $15 - 2 MB
  • $25 - 500 MB
  • $30 - 1 GB
  • $60 - 3 GB
  • $80 - 8 GB

      While those might not add up much to the $30 for 6 GB promo plan that was going in August (looks like it’s going to be extended through September), there are a few more things that make these new data rates way more appealing. First off, the first three months of data usage will be free, allowing subscribers to figure out which plan suits them best. Second, users will now get SMS alerts when they approach their limit so they won’t get dinged with heavy-duty overage charges. Thirdly, even if you happen to go over on data, those costs will capped at $100. This is awesome news for those of us who happen to be a little zealous with our mobile browsing, and makes tethering a much more realistic option. Telus and Bell will really have to step up to the plate in order to compete with a plan this appealing… Maybe their supposed HSPA partnership will bring something juicy to customers, like, say, the BlackBerry Bold.

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BlackBerry Javelin meets up with Bold and Kickstart


BlackBerry Javelin, BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Kickstart

It looks like the BlackBerry 8900 is really making the rounds these days, as separate sources have been able to provide some side-by-side shots of the upcoming Javelin against the BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Curve, and the BlackBerry Kickstart Pearl 8220. This is the first time that we’ve seen all three of RIM’s next-gen devices in one spot together, and I think will be a good indicator of what the BlackBerry web page will look like in the next couple of months. When the touchscreen BlackBerry Thunder Storm 9500 gets thrown into the mix, we’ll have four new classes total, but as is, these three will be replacing the old Pearl, Curve and 8800 lineups. What do you guys think? Are these three an honest evolution to RIM’s existing strategy? How well will the BlackBerry 9500 fit in?

The BlackBerry 8220 will be RIM’s first flip device, and will be due on Rogers for around $150 on a three-year plan (no word on T-Mobile’s pricing) sometime this September, while the BlackBerry Javelin (8900) should be coming a little bit later, around November or December. It doesn’t have the 3G that the Bold does, but will have a nicer camera, a slimmer profile and a screen that’s just as nice. If you can’t wait for the Kickstart, there’s one up on Ebay now…

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