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ThoughtPiece: The BlackBerry Beat


Whew, what a busy time in the BlackBerry world! It’s enough to make even the most diligent blogger want to hide under their desk, disconnect from the Matrix and receive sporadic news updates through this wonderfully new contraption we’ve heard about called the “newspaper” (it comes on paper!).

To help us sort through the mess, we brought in our mobile main man Thought, who breaks down the biggest news of the past week or so into tasty bite-sized chunks.

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ThoughtPiece: Is May BlackBerry Month?


With all that’s happened to RIM and the foremost BlackBerry sites on the ‘net this week, maybe the claims from our Mad Genius of Mobile are a little premature. Still, Thought makes a convincing argument as to why May just may be BlackBerry month, and tells us what that has to do with Apple. Enjoy.

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ThoughtPiece: Will There Ever Be the Perfect BlackBerry?

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I am sure many of you thoughtful readers out there have in mind a good idea of what your “perfect” BlackBerry would be. Judging from the comments on this and other BlackBerry sites, I would say that for many the ideal BlackBerry would have 3G, WiFi, GPS, camera and multimedia player, just for starters.

But will there ever such a thing as the perfect BlackBerry? I think not, for the following reasons.

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ThoughtPiece: Simplicity Sells

David Pogue, technology editor for the New York Times, once remarked that “simplicity sells.” All things considered, consumers generally opt for the most simple, elegant solution.

Consider Google: it’s the most valuable piece of web real estate in the world, and yet its home page is remarkably simple and basically unchanged from when it began. Google’s philosophy is to keep the complexity as far removed from the consumer as possible.

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ThoughtPiece: Doritos with your BlackBerry?

Two weeks ago I wrote about customer evangelists and their emerging importance in shaping the market. Technology gives amplification to the concept of “word of mouth” advertising and wise companies will find ways to maximize their gains from this phenomenon. I believe that this reality impacts technology companies more so than most, as consumers of cutting edge technology tend to pay more attention to the voices using that technology.

I now wish to tie in a few fresh observations.

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ThoughtPiece: Which Celebrity Would You Like to See in a BlackBerry Ad?

Thought loosens his tie a little this week with this one. Give it a read and some solid thought. Pun kind of intended, I guess.

It’s Super Bowl week in the US and in honor of all of the marketing hype that this represents, I thought I’d have some fun. I would like to comment on some celebrities that I would like to see used in advertising for the BlackBerry brand. I am a realist and so do not expect any of this to actually happen, but then again I was also foolish enough to recommend that RIM spend the big bucks on a Super Bowl ad. So, thoughtful readers, please indulge me in my flights of fantasy.

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ThoughtPiece: Citizen Marketers & the BlackBerry

Nice to see you again, Thought. This week, our eldest of editorial contributors strolls in with a great read about BlackBerry evangelists - folks who push the BlackBerry but aren’t really paid for it. You’re probably one of them since you’re checking out this site, and I’m pretty sure I’m one, too. So go ‘head and read on about… yourself. Thanks, Thought.

Citizen Marketers and the BlackBerry

One of the most impressive elements of the BlackBerry success story has been its ability to create consumer evangelists: customers so satisfied with the product that they voluntarily spread favorable word of mouth. Authors Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba take this concept even further with their latest book and discuss “citizen marketers”: those who go beyond casual advocacy of a product and begin to generate organized and regular content regarding a product or company. Current technology allows anyone to be a publisher or broadcaster.

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ThoughtPiece: Why RIM and Verizon Need to Get Closer

With all of our new staffers breaking in their shoes, it’s nice to have a nice worn in piece of work like Thought around for familiarity sake (and, you know, a good read, too). This week he examines the somewhat paltry relationship between RIM and Verizon and why things could and should be better.

Why RIM and Verizon Need to Get Closer

Let’s face it: last week Steve Jobs spoke and the whole world listened. When was the last time the announcement of a cell phone attracted such widespread attention? There is no doubt that the iPhone will sell, as long as it delivers on its promises. That is significant not just to Apple, but to the carrier with exclusive US rights for at least the next few years, Cingular/AT&T.

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ThoughtPiece: the iPhone - first thoughts

I’ve a feeling today’s going to feel like Groundhog’s Day. Thought’s back yet again this week and touches down on Steve Jobs’ little announcement yesterday. Read over Thought’s views on how the iPhone will compete in the smartphone market, and what this announcement means to RIM. Thanks as always, Thought. Enjoy, readers.

The iPhone: First Thoughts

Anyone with a pulse knows that yesterday Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced his company’s first foray into the mobile phone market: the long rumored iPhone.

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ThoughtPiece: Predictions for 2007

Everyone’s getting their magic ball out around this time of year - rubbing their temples to discover what lies ahead in 2007. Thought returns this week with his predictions for RIM and the BlackBerry in the year of the boar. Got something to say about Thought’s thoughts? Shoot him a comment. Nice to have you back, pal.

Predictions for 2007

It’s the New Year and that means it’s time for predictions. Herewith are my humble forecasts…

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