Bacon on Blackberry Archive

Bacon on BlackBerry: Tethering security, backup viewing and more

Nov 22, 2007: 

Jeff Bacon answers readers’ questions on a smattering of tricky issues, including how to set your voicemail to leave you a few more rings to answer.

Bacon on BlackBerry: Multimedia

Nov 02, 2007: 

BlackBerry has come leaps and bounds in multimedia since the good old days, but there’s still a lot that they’re missing.

Bacon on BlackBerry: Themes, Skype, and ringtones

Aug 16, 2007: 

BBCool brings home the Bacon yet again, this week answering questions about ringtones, themes and a few other niggling problems our readers have been having.

Bacon on BlackBerry: Ringtones, trackballs and Outlook (oh my!)

Jul 31, 2007: 

Magmic’s BlackBerry guru, Jeff Bacon, returns to answer all your BlackBerry-related questions.

Bacon on BlackBerry returns

Feb 12, 2007: 

Nice to see our help expert and Magmic BlackBerry guru Jeff Bacon back in the driver’s seat (insider tip: he sits on phone books to see over the wheel) with a new installment of Bacon on BlackBerry. Have a ‘Berry query that you just can’t handle? Drop Bacon a note at bacon [...]

Bacon on BlackBerry: SIM cards, navigation systems, and more

Dec 18, 2006: 

We’re happy to see Magmic’s BlackBerry know-it-all Jeff Bacon again. This week, he handles questions that cover the gamut, giving answers on SIM card queries, navigation systems, Skype, and more. If you’ve got an issue that you just can’t figure out, shoot a note to and check back to see if the [...]

Bacon on BlackBerry: OS issues, BES issues, and more

Nov 22, 2006: 

You folks have a lot of issues. Thankfully, Magmic’s Jeff Bacon can put his own aside for a bit each week and lend a hand and give some answers on your BlackBerry woes. Have a question for Bacon? Drop him a note at and be sure to check back to see [...]

Bacon on BlackBerry: Browsers, email, and more

Nov 14, 2006: 

Bacon’s been busy, thus the day delay, but he was able to set aside some free time to take care of your questions. Have an issue with your device that the mere mortals can’t take care of? Drop Magmic’s BlackBerry genius a line at and be sure to check back each week [...]

Bacon on BlackBerry: photos, applications, and email clients

Nov 06, 2006: 

He’s not a large gentleman, but Magmic’s BlackBerry guru Jeff Bacon weighs in huge every week with massive amounts of knowledge. This week he handles questions regarding photos on the 8700c, removing applications from your device, and more. Any questions for the Bacon? Email and check in next week to see if [...]

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