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“Will you buy the Rogers BlackBerry Bold?” (Weekly Contest)

Aug 15, 2008: 

Is $400 on a three year contract the right price for the BlackBerry Bold? Post a comment and you could win three free games from Magmic!

How will iPhone 3G hurt RIM? (Weekly Contest)

Jul 11, 2008: 

What kind of dent is the iPhone 3G going to put in BlackBerry? Sock it in the enterprise? Nail it right in the consumer? Call the fight and win a year of SugarSync!

“How Much Do You Love The BlackBerry Nation? Show Us Your BlackBerry Pride!” (Weekly Contest)

Jul 04, 2008: 

How much do you love the BlackBerry Nation? Post a comment and win a free BBCool tee-shirt and Magmic’s THK3: Connected!

‘How Would You Regulate Carrier Power?’ (Weekly Contest!)

Jun 27, 2008: 

BlackBerry Cool is giving you the power to fight carriers — how will you use it? Post a comment and win a free SugarSync subscription and a BBCool tee shirt.

Weekly Contest: ‘Why do you want 3G?’

Jun 06, 2008: 

What will you do with a 3G BlackBerry. Post a comment and win a BlackBerry Cool tee shirt and Magmic’s THK3: Connected!

Weekly Contest: “What was WES for you?”

May 23, 2008: 

We killed ourselves (and others) to bring you the best WES coverage possible. Post a comment to let us know what defined the WES experience for you, and win free schwag!

SPECIAL WES 08 CONTEST: How Much Do You Love Your BlackBerry?

May 10, 2008: 

WES-goers have a chance to win $1000 from Chalk for showing off their BlackBerry love, but BBCool is giving out a mean prize package to the home viewers…

Weekly Contest: Go Team, Go!

May 02, 2008: 

Big into sports and BlackBerry? Let’s hear your best story involving both and win some from Bplay.

Weekly Contest: Worst. Flight. Ever.

Apr 25, 2008: 

Had some bad experiences travelling? Let’s hear the horror, and you can win 6 months of WorldMate Live service.

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