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Bold Delays and JavaScript Dismays (BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 39)

Aug 29, 2008: 

Simon’s final podcast goes over some of the trickier problems with the BlackBerry Bold’s browser, what the touchscreen BlackBerry will actually be called and new light on Rogers’ Kickstart.

Golden Shellback, the future of the waterproof BlackBerrys (audio)

Aug 28, 2008: 

Waterproofing services may be here as early as the end of the year - just ship your BlackBerry to these guys and they’ll get it coated in their patented polymers.

BlackBerry Bold week in Canada (BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 38)

Aug 22, 2008: 

The Rogers launch of the BlackBerry Bold and all its complications dominate this week’s episode, but we do get a few more peeks at the BlackBerry Kickstart.

All about the BlackBerry Partners Fund (audio interview)

Aug 20, 2008: 

We talk with Rick Segal about the $150 million BlackBerry Partners Fund - namely what they’re looking for, how they work, and what developers can do to get in touch.

Kickstart madness and the Q3 lineup (BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 36)

Aug 08, 2008: 

Rogers gets a lot of news this week, what with its flip BlackBerry showing up along with a few other devices, but there’s plenty going on with the Thunder and Bold as well.

Blackberry Bold launch parties and musical Thunder (BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 35)

Aug 01, 2008: 

The BlackBerry Bold looms impressively on the horizon, but the Thunder and Kickstart get some love this week too. We also talk with Andy Brown on the UK BlackBerry Bold launch party.

Touchscreens and the BlackBerry Bold (BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 34)

Jul 25, 2008: 

The BlackBerry Thunder and iPhone dominate this week’s podcast, but there’s a lot going on with OS 4.5 and the coming BlackBerry Bold.

Cortado Corporate Professional Server (audio)

Jul 14, 2008: 

Cotado’s mobile document access service is heading to small and medium businesses. We talk about with them about SMBs, Every Laptop Left Behind and more.

Episode 33: BlackBerry Thunder Questions, IM Head-to-Head and The Smartphone Challenge (BlackBerry Cool Podcast)

Jul 12, 2008: 

Simon Sage discusses BlackBerry Cool’s IM client review, our interview with the Smartphone challenge and the rumors surrounding the BlackBerry Thunder and BlackBerry Javelin in our weekly audio podcast.

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