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BlackBerry newbies blog about ‘their first time’

Apr 27, 2008: 

Fellow bloggers QuicklyBored get BlackBerrys and go nuts! Read about their highs and lows.

121 BlackBerry Tips

Feb 15, 2008: 

This list of BlackBerry tips comes from all over the BlackBerry community, and with so many, you’ll probably find one you can use.

How to save on battery life

Feb 05, 2008: 

Looking to save on battery life? Thought of cleaning the contacts? Turning off Bluetooth?

Aflac’s tech concierge shares her BlackBerry tips

Jan 24, 2008: 

Margaret Genet is an operations analyst at the insurance company Aflac who doubles as a tech concierge, teaching BlackBerry tips and tricks to other members of the company. got her to share some of her secrets with them and posted the results.

How to keep tabs on all your social networks

Jan 10, 2008: 

Viigo and Plaxo make a great combination for keeping track of friends, family and business contacts.

How to access hidden vendor themes

Nov 20, 2007: 

There are some themes hidden deep in your BlackBerry… want to dig them out?

Where to get OS 4.2 for the BlackBerry 8703e

Nov 14, 2007: 

Were you grumbling that Facebook wasn’t working on your 8703e because of silly OS issues? There, there. It’s all better now.

BlackBerry Daylight Savings mix-up

Oct 30, 2007: 

Sorry if you thought you had an extra hour this weekend. Check out RIM’s mobile site to get patched up and avoid embarrassment next year.

BlackBerry for Dummies 2nd. Ed. released

Oct 22, 2007: 

Do you need some help learning the ropes with BlackBerry? The Dummies series has updated their reference, and might be the thing you need.

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