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BlackBerry newbies blog about ‘their first time’

Apr 27, 2008: 

Fellow bloggers QuicklyBored get BlackBerrys and go nuts! Read about their highs and lows.

BlackBerry for Dummies 2nd. Ed. released

Oct 22, 2007: 

Do you need some help learning the ropes with BlackBerry? The Dummies series has updated their reference, and might be the thing you need.

RIM helps you find free software

Sep 10, 2007: 

For folks still figuring out which apps to download on their BlackBerry, RIM has offered a little site called Built for BlackBerry to help you out.

BlackBerry taps cause three-car pile up

Dec 06, 2006: 

The title’s slightly misleading, granted, but read on and it’ll make sense. Thanks to the Seattle Times, we’ve found that a gentleman in Seattle was oblivious to the traffic that had stopped dead in-front of him during his commute, thanks to his tapping away on his BlackBerry device. As a result, the “53-year-old [...]

Adding multiple email addresses

Feb 28, 2006: 

You can add additional emails per contact, the main reason for this is that some people have a work and personal email address. Although we have to admit, in our experience the majority of people don’t mind wasting their company’s time unless they work for Big Brother or something.
To add additional contacts per email:
1. [...]

Insert Pause for Easier dialing

Feb 08, 2006: 

You can insert a wait or pause to separate additional digits (for example, a password or extension) from the main phone number. When you dial a phone number that contains a pause, the device pauses for two seconds before it dials the remaining numbers. When dialing a phone number that contains a wait, the device [...]

Initiate a Conference Call

Feb 02, 2006: 

Making conference calls on the Blackberry is very simple. You can initiate a conference call on the BlackBerry device by doing the following:
1. On the Home screen, click Phone.
2. Click the trackwheel and select New Call.
3. Highlight a contact, click the trackwheel, and select Call.
4. While the first contact is highlighted, click the trackwheel and [...]

‘Caps-Lock’ For Your Blackberry

Jan 23, 2006: 

The Blackberry may not have a ‘caps-lock’ button like your computer, but you can still type in all capital letters. All you need to do is hit Alt+Cap, you will then see a big up arrow which indicates you are in all capital mode. To get out of all capital mode just hit the Cap [...]

Hiding Icons On Blackberry

Jan 16, 2006: 

Is your home screen getting too cluttered or do you have programs that you’ve never used ever like the ‘Help’ program? Well you can clean your home screen by hiding the icons, a way to unclutter your screen without actually removing the program entirely from your device. To hide any icons, just hold down ALT+Wheel-click [...]

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