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BlackBerry Themes, Ringtones and Games 30% off until July 4th at Bplay

Jul 03, 2008: 

Happy 4th. of July! Grab your patriotic themes and ringtones, for when waving a flag just isn’t enough.

Want to buy or sell a used BlackBerry? Read this first!!

Jun 02, 2008: 

Looking to buy or sell a used BlackBerry? Read this first!!!

BlackBerry Etiquette: What not to put in an email

Jul 26, 2007: 

Top 10 things not to put in your BlackBerry emails, coming at you Letterman style.

BlackBerry Solutions Guide 2007-2008 available for download

Jul 13, 2007: 

RIM’s new guide can help you find the software you need.

Corporate BlackBerry outage survival

Jun 07, 2007: 

Informatica produces an “Idiot’s Guide to Surviving BlackBerry Outages”. Step 1: do NOT try to email for help.

BlackBerry 8300 Bluetooth — Files, Pictures, & Stereo Headphones

May 17, 2007: 

As part of BlackBerry Cool’s quest to bring our readers the most in-depth coverage of the latest BlackBerry devices, we commissioned infamous “RogersDude69” to breakdown the BlackBerry 8300’s Bluetooth functionality, which unlike most BlackBerrys, isn’t crippled more than a one-legged pirate with termites. Although, as RogersDude69 is quick to point out, the experience isn’t always [...]

Free Wallpaper Generator from BlackBerryInsight

Mar 01, 2007: 

Unlike our own that’s available for free all-year round,’s offering up some redecorating tools. Just like their free ebook download not too long ago, BBInsight is offering the BlackBerry Wallpaper Generator for free for the next few hours (until 2pm EST). Looks like a pretty solid app to create decent wallpapers in [...]

BlackBerrys settle bets better

Feb 15, 2007: 

I’m sure a lot of you didn’t realize it, but the moment you picked up your first BlackBerry, your IQ grew exponentially (well, kinda). A really well-thought out article in the New York Times profiles the use of the BlackBerry as an avenue to take when a bet just needs to be settled (or [...]

Spelling out BlackBerry

Feb 08, 2007: 

If you’re reading this site, chances are you’re not the average everyday BlackBerry user. Well, maybe you are, but you’re striving for addict status like the rest of us. But even the most educated user is bound to get caught up in wireless-related acronym’s from time to time, and the folks at [...]

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