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Virtual BlackBerry for Windows Mobile

May 24: 

As we learned a few weeks ago, Research In Motion plans to release a
virtual BlackBerry OS for Windows Mobile devices. Well, with the release of BlackBerry Desktop Media Manager 4.2 SP2, it would appear that we have a bit more confirmation that this project is becoming a reality, if not already most of the way there.

ThoughtPiece: Why Do Carriers Botch New Product Releases?

May 23: 

Is it just me, or does it seem that every time a cell phone carrier releases a new device it comes off as something out of an old 3 Stooges movie?

Fox News doesn’t know how to text

May 18: 

In a recent newscast covering the Republican primaries, the Fox team attempts to explain the high vote turnout for Rep. Ron Paul as due to the voting medium: text messaging.

Free MMS service through T-Mobile

May 25: 

Engadget’s hinted that that T-Mobile is offering free multimedia messaging service for folks who are subscribing to an SMS plan, but don’t use push e-mail or other data services. Those people are few and far between, but it’s an interesting option for them to have - “No e-mail? Fine, free pictures, go nuts.” Just ask your T-Mobile folks for the “BlackBerry Feature Enabler” treatment, and you’re good to go.

Hey America: How’s your Curves? (Updated!)

May 25: 

With BlackBerry Cool HQ based in the US’ often frigid northern annex (read: Canada), it sometimes becomes hard to stay on the pulse of American carrier launches of BlackBerry devices. And with two of our most trusted US liaisons — BG and Engadget — offering conflicting reports as to the specific imminence of one BlackBerry Curve on AT&T’s network, the confusion seems to have doubled.

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Smartphone shipments to exceed 100 million in 2007

May 25: 

Thumbs UpThose crazy katz and kittens over at Berg Insight are reporting new research that indicates global shipments of “advanced OS” smartphones will reach 113 million units in 2007. BI also expects worldwide shipments to reach 365 million units by 2012 (22% of the total market), an average compound growth of 25.6%.

Numbers like this can be a little misleading, however. Shipping a bucket-load of devices is great, but how many of these suckers actually get sold and how many Windows Mobile devices rot on the shelves?

You know the drill: more deets magically appear after the “more” link.

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Merill Lynch bumps up RIM stock

May 25: 

Financial analyst group Merill Lynch just bumped up their target price for RIM stock to $190 (18% higher than yesterday’s close of $159.89), resulting in a 3% jump in shares. Investors seem to be buying into RIM’s notion that the iPhone will actually improve sales rather than act as direct competition. Ongoing talk about Wi-Fi, the Curve and a new Pearl surely provide plenty of bait for anyone looking to invest.