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BES Resource Kit 4.1 SP 6 released

Aug 14, 2008: 

The latest BES Resource Kit has been released, including a few handy new tools.

BES 4.1 Service Pack 6 released

Jul 18, 2008: 

Rich text e-mail viewing is the big change in the latest BlackBerry Enterprise Server software, but there are plenty of other little changes.

PDF security warning for Unite! and BES

Jul 16, 2008: 

PDF files could pose a security risk to BES and Unite! servers, so listen up admins.

SteelCloud and Conceivium partner up

May 27, 2008: 

Conceivium’s MobileMonitor and Analyzer will now be bundled with SteelCloud’s BES-in-a-box.

BES 4.1 service pack 5 released

Apr 17, 2008: 

No rich text e-mail viewing, but calendar free/busy lookup is available.

AT&T offers BlackBerry Professional Software

Apr 15, 2008: 

AT&T users in small and medium businesses can now keep better tabs on their myriad BlackBerrys.

Security firm publishes whitepaper on BlackBerry Trojan

Mar 14, 2008: 

The trojan, called BBProxy, works by allowing a hacker to essentially piggyback on any connections made to BES. Once installed on a BlackBerry, the hacker can connect to it via computer and have complete access to everything the BlackBerry connects to.

Webinar to show off BES 4.1 service pack 5

Feb 07, 2008: 

IT admins are getting another look at the next BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Can we hope for a corresponding OS upgrade soon too?

Survey says BlackBerry stability number one concern for legal IT

Feb 06, 2008: 

65% of surveyed legal companies have identified BlackBerry as a “mission-critical” device warranting solid IT management tools.

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