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AT&T to offer cheaper international texting?

May 28: 

Word has it that CingAT&T is going to be offering 100 international texts for $9.99/month. While we’re paying the standard $0.20 per overseas SMS, receiving them is free on both Bell and Rogers (vs. $0.15 to receive down south). On that front, Canadians aren’t grinding their teeth, but if AT&T’s new deal catches on, you […]

Make $75 With a Purchase of a New Pearl

Apr 16: 

If you were on the fence about moving to the new Blackberry Pearl, this new deal may sway you. You can now get the BlackBerry 8100 Pearl myFaves Phone with a new T-Mobile service for $400, but add the $400 instant discount and the $75 Amazon rebate and you’ll come out on top $75 … […]

Yahoo! Win a white Pearl

Mar 19: 

Rather, win a white Pearl from Yahoo! - my mistake. Yahoo! Canada Mobile and Yahoo! Messenger (those exclamation marks are annoying) have joined forces to offer a white Pearl from Rogers as a prize for their “IM 2 WIN” contest. Sounds enthralling. What logistics are we looking at here for our Canadian readers […]

Save 75% off BlackBerry 8800 at

Mar 12: 

Deal hunters, bargain biters, cheap skates: pay attention. The blogs are hot with news of a deal on the BlackBerry 8800 over at - didn’t it used to be just books over there? Anyway, the savings start with Amazon takes off $375.00 from the $499.99 list price when you activate a new […]

Affordable BlackBerrys for Airtel customers

Mar 01: 

Bargain BlackBerry days are on now in India thanks to Airtel. They’re lowering the pricing on their BlackBerry devices, up to 75%, to to Rs 249 per month. I’m not really up on my foreign currency, but bringing the price down from Rs 1,099 per month for a monthly rental seems pretty […]

BlackBerry Buy 3 promotion on its way from Cingular

Feb 21: 

Huge, huge thanks to a tipster who I’m sure would like to remain anonymous for this little gem. Hold off on dropping dollars just yet for the 8800c, there’s a pretty swell rebate on it’s way soon from the company that seems to botch launches like it’s going out of style - well, at […]

Buy a BlackBerry, get four free from Rogers

Feb 08: 

Deal alert (kind of). Right now Rogers is offering up a deal on their BlackBerrys where if you fork out the money for, say, a new Pearl or 8700r, you could walk away with up to four BlackBerry 7290s for free. The hitch is, this is only on new activations of a 3 […]

Blackberry 8700c For Free and $100 Gift Certificate

May 15: 

RIM is running a promotion with Wirefly that when you purchase a Blackberry online you will also receive a $100 gift certificate to go towards the purchase of accessories. Not bad considering Wirefly is offering the Blackberry 8700c for $245 but with their two mail in rebates you can get it for free. To be […]

RIM Offering Free 5 User License BES For Novell Groupwise

Apr 10: 

Research In Motion is extending a special, limited-time offer to qualified organizations to mobilize their Novell GroupWise v7.0 deployment dubbed the BES Quick Start Edition.
The BlackBerry Enterprise Server Quick Start Edition Offer includes the following:
* One free, full version download of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server™ v4.0 for Novell GroupWise.
* Five free Client Access Licenses (CALs) […]

RIM Blackberry 8700c - Make $0.01

Mar 28: 

If you have been contemplating upgrading your Blackberry, then you should consider this deal from are offering the Blackberry 8700c on Cingular for get this, -$0.01 after rebates, which means you actually make a penny out of the deal. And it doesn’t stop there, you will also a receive a free Motorola […]