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Kenyans tapped for BlackBerry Developer Challenge

Aug 18, 2008: 

A technical product manager at RIM has high hopes for Kenyan contributions to the upcoming developers challenge.

RIM considering Chinese factory

Jul 30, 2008: 

Norm Lo says that production facilities may be getting into China in the near future.

RIM COO wants to take Apple out for a drink

Jul 30, 2008: 

RIM’s Dennis Kavelman hold the company line by saying Apple is just bringing more attention to BlackBerry.

Lazaridis bashes touchscreens

May 20, 2008: 

RIM’s co-CEO remains unconvinced by touchscreens, especially the iPhone’s keyboard.

All AT&T smartphones to be 3G in months?

Apr 03, 2008: 

An AT&T exec is making some big talk about 3G on smartphones. Is it all hot air?

Jim Balsillie talks on The Hour

Apr 03, 2008: 

Jim-Dog talks with a big name in Canadian TV not just about BlackBerry, but about his other interests as well.

Lazaridis talks quantum physics and HSDPA

Mar 19, 2008: 

Teleportation research is serious business for RIM’s co-CEO.

Mike Lazaridis speaks about outages and more

Mar 13, 2008: 

RIM founder and co-CEO shares his thoughts on the recent outages, the iPhone, the advantages of RIM’s business model and their staying power in the industry.

BlackBerry backs Black-Eyed Peas frontman

Mar 06, 2008: 

Dipdive.com is a pro-Obama site led by will.i.am, and Balsillie has dedicated BlackBerry accessibility to the site’s music and video.

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