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E-Trade launches Mobile Pro for BlackBerry

Jun 05, 2008: 

E-Trade Securities customers can now get bullish on their BlackBerrys.

BlackBerry brand value up 390%

Apr 22, 2008: 

That’s a bigger increase than any other company worldwide, and has earned them spot #51 on the list of top 100 brands.

Wall Street fears iPhone, sets RIMM stock to “Hold”

Apr 10, 2008: 

Emerging iPhone software and the upcoming release of Google’s Android cause analysts to recommend caution.

RIM stock up after price target raise

Mar 31, 2008: 

A rating of “Outperform” and a raise in the target price causes a stock price increase of 2.8%, continuing the upward trend of RIMM.

RIMM target price lowered

Jan 14, 2008: 

Canaccord Adams has dropped the target price of RIM’s stock from $145 to $110 and downgraded the stock to “hold”.

RIM stock hits 52-week high

Nov 08, 2007: 

RIM kicks some more ass on the stock exchange. Surprise, surprise.

RIMM target price raised

Sep 13, 2007: 

Canaccord Adams has jacked up their target price for RIM’s stock to $120, resulting in an overall raise to $88.23.

Verizon announces dividend

Sep 06, 2007: 

Verizon’s scheduled for giving out dividends November 1st. at 43 cents per share.

RIM’s stock splits, keeps climbing

Aug 21, 2007: 

RIM’s completed its 3-to-1 stock split, and analysts remain optimistic about future growth.

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