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Does RIM need an App Store?

Jul 15, 2008: 

Apple has released a one-stop shop for iPhone applications. Should RIM do the same thing?

A little story about raunchy BlackBerry Guys

Jul 15, 2008: 

If a BlackBerry guy doing the Solja Boy dance isn’t enough for you, you should hear this story…

What some people are willing to do for an iPhone 3G

Jul 11, 2008: Editor In Chief Kyle McInnes waited in line all night to get an iPhone 3G and then had to blog about it the next day. But his true BlackBerry colors come out after he falls asleep on the office couch.

New BBGeeks YouTube commercial (NSFW?)

Jun 13, 2008: 

BBGeeks releases a promo video for their site that displays the full monty of the BlackBerry experience.

Average cell phone user sends 200 text messages per month!!

Jun 03, 2008: 

How many texts and emails do you send out each month?

Wblogging at WES 08

May 15, 2008: 

See the future of blogging here.

Go magenta or go home

Apr 01, 2008: 

T-Mobile suggests that maybe Engadget Mobile is using a bit too much magenta in their logo and asks them to stop, and suddenly it’s magenta everywhere, as far as the eye can see.

This Hour Has 22 Minutes parodies RIM

Feb 01, 2008: 

I was going to write an excerpt here, but someone just sent me a funny email I have to respond to, one second…

Rats and their BlackBerrys

Dec 17, 2007: 

Pearls Before Swine prods at BlackBerry addiction. Whatever, I don’t have a problem - I can stop any time I want. Honest.

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