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BlackBerry Cool Best of WES: 2008 Winners

May 27, 2008: 

Drumroll, please! The judges have spoken, and made their calls on this year’s Best of WES. Shiny gold stars all around!

iTookThisOnMyPhone gets geotagging update

May 27, 2008: 

The photo and video sharing service now supports geotagging, and gets a few aesthetic upgrades.

SteelCloud and Conceivium partner up

May 27, 2008: 

Conceivium’s MobileMonitor and Analyzer will now be bundled with SteelCloud’s BES-in-a-box.

WorldMate Live adds social networking

May 27, 2008: 

WorldMate Live now lets you get connected with fellow travellers, and integrates with the built-in BlackBerry calendar.

BlackBerry Cool Best of WES: People’s Choice Winners

May 23, 2008: 

BlackBerry Cool is proud to announce the First Annual Best of WES: People’s Choice winners. Thanks to everyone who voted!

WES 08 Hangover Week: RSA announces BlackBerry security advancements

May 23, 2008: 

RSA sure knows how to put the lockdown on enterprise information…

WES 08 Hangover Week: BeamBerry previews offline PDF viewing

May 22, 2008: 

PDF rendering still needs some work on BlackBerry - BeamBerry’s solution doesn’t require serverside work, meaning you can get all your reading done without a signal.

Last chance to vote for the People’s Choice!

May 21, 2008: 

Last chance to make your pick for WES 08!

WES 08 Hangover Week: GPXS grabs ISEC7

May 21, 2008: 

Solutions provider GPXS grabs the up and comers ISEC7 - I guess the remote control thing really impressed ‘em.

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