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BlackBerry Cool Best of WES: People’s Choice Winners

May 23, 2008: 

BlackBerry Cool is proud to announce the First Annual Best of WES: People’s Choice winners. Thanks to everyone who voted!

BlackBerry Cool’s “Best of WES 2007″ Photos

May 14, 2007: 

As the dust settles from what could be the best Wireless Enterprise Symposium of all time, the BlackBerry Cool staff thought it would be a good time to take stock of the week that was, and relive the memories in lovely photo form. Here’s the best photos from our WES 2007 Flickr page, with comments.

BBCool/MCA Podcast 3 (Updated!)

May 11, 2007: 

For the last day of WES, BBCool talks once more with Mobile Computing Authority. Appearing is Nicholas Reichenbach, VP of Bplay, and includes a final wrap-up of WES. Our podcast feed, as ever, can be found here and our iTunes listeners can get their fix over here.
Note: Because Douglas was a hung-over and mildly [...]

Weekly Contest: The Best of WES

May 11, 2007: 

Between GPS, text-voice, fixed-mobile convergence, and busting into the consumer market, BlackBerry’s got a lot on its plate. No doubt many our faithful readers were right there on the WES floor, and more still watching from the sidelines.
There’s a lot of different bases that will need to be covered by developers as new [...]

BBCool/MCA podcast round 2!

May 10, 2007: 

Doug yaks it up with the Mobile Computing Authority once more at WES. This time they are joined by the (in)famous Jibi as well as Brooke Van Hatten from Chalk, who makes an enterprise training system which pushes user-created content and collects assessment through BlackBerry devices. Handy for last-minute, on-the-run learning. Our podcast feed can [...]

PowerPoint minus the laptop

May 10, 2007: 

Impatica won the CTIA Most Innovative Wireless Device award before WES this year for their portable presentation solution, and has partnered up with DynoPlex for some data handling. The Showmate hooks up to a projector and receives the presentation from your BlackBerry, which you can use for presentation notes and as a slide changer. If [...]

Text-to-voice strikes with karmic vengeance

May 10, 2007: 

What with all the voice-to-text talk yesterday, it only makes good karmic sense that we get some text-to-voice news today. Simply enough, the recently-announced Voice on the Go application adds a boatload of voice-based functions to your BlackBerry.
“Voice on the Go allows BlackBerry users to conveniently listen to their email, as well as [...]

AvantGo hints at push web browsing

May 10, 2007: 

SyBase 365 announced their free (read: ad-supported) web-browsing utility, AvantGo for BlackBerry yesterday. In short, it saves pages to your device for faster browsing later. Also, it sounds like it’s got kind of a push element to it, in updating pages automatically.
“AvantGo for BlackBerry caches content locally, providing enhanced navigation, faster browsing and [...]

Old-school document giant steps up to BlackBerry plate

May 10, 2007: 

DataViz has been kicking around for awhile, and soon their document reader and editor will be coming to BlackBerry.
“Documents To Go will enable users of BlackBerry … to access, view, edit and create Native Microsoft® Word, Excel and PowerPoint® files on their devices.”
They’re aiming to keep as much of the formatting from the original [...]

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