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Cortado Corporate Professional Server (audio)

Jul 14, 2008: 

Cotado’s mobile document access service is heading to small and medium businesses. We talk about with them about SMBs, Every Laptop Left Behind and more.

Episode 33: BlackBerry Thunder Questions, IM Head-to-Head and The Smartphone Challenge (BlackBerry Cool Podcast)

Jul 12, 2008: 

Simon Sage discusses BlackBerry Cool’s IM client review, our interview with the Smartphone challenge and the rumors surrounding the BlackBerry Thunder and BlackBerry Javelin in our weekly audio podcast.

The Smartphone Challenge FAQ (audio included!)

Jul 10, 2008: 

Small and medium businesses have a rough time learning about BlackBerrys, but the Smartphone Challenge gives ‘em 14 days of top-notch service for free.

BlackBerry Cool Podcast: TeleNav Track

Jul 04, 2008: 

Enterprises with an on-the-move workforce have some very particular challenges that TeleNav Track aims to meet.

BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 32

Jun 27, 2008: 

Doug and Simon run down the week’s news, including a slew of OS 4.5 items, as well as the AT&T delay of the BlackBerry Bold. Happy Independence/Canada Day(s)!

BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Get Connected Fairly Act

Jun 26, 2008: 

Ottawa Member of Parliament David McGuinty is heading up an act which could completely clean up Canadian wireless fees.

BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 31

Jun 20, 2008: 

The BlackBerry Javelin dances in our dreams this episode, but we also talk with some health professionals about the results of BlackBerry overuse.

BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 30

May 30, 2008: 

We talk to a few more Best of WES winners, Neverfail and Bayalink, as well as talk about the latest BlackBerry 9100 eye candy.

BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 29

May 23, 2008: 

Doug and Simon deflate from WES, talk about the big hits, potential changes, and Simon talks with Unify4Life about their Best of WES winner.

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