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Kickstart madness and the Q3 lineup (BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 36)


The flip BlackBerry now known as the Pearl 8220 is the big story this week, along with plenty of other info regarding Rogers’ plans for BlackBerry Bold and the slightly less-appreciated BlackBerry Curve with Wi-Fi. Lots of talk regarding their rebranded UMA service, Talkspot, but we also hit on Verizon and Telus getting the BlackBerry Thunder, and Virgin Mobile’s entry into the Canadian BlackBerry scene.

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Blackberry Bold launch parties and musical Thunder (BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 35)


As usual, this week’s BlackBerry Cool Podcast features a few tidbits about the BlackBerry Thunder, BlackBerry Kickstart and BlackBerry Bold, but we’ve also got some fresh colours from Bell and T-Mobile on the way. We’re also giving you a snippet of Doug’s talk with Andy Brown of Strategy Analytics. Andy was at the UK Bold launch and had the opportunity to interview RIM’s co-CEO Mike Lazaridis.

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Touchscreens and the BlackBerry Bold (BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 34)


BlackBerry Cool Podcast

First up, sorry for the lateness. The aforementioned server issues slowed production, but no worries- we still recorded and have a heaping two weeks’ worth of news for you this episode. The BlackBerry Thunder and iPhone 3G were both huge news items last week. There are lots of numbers on the ‘net to refute the iPhone’s hype, while the BlackBerry faithful are sticking to their guns and holding out for the BlackBerry Bold. Some more pictures of the BlackBerry Thunder have also floated up, showing off the on-screen keypad and media player, as well as a massive false start by Expansys. This week a lot of stuff was ramping up to a BlackBerry Bold launch, primarily in the form of OS 4.6 software.

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Cortado Corporate Professional Server (audio)


This week we had the chance to talk with Cortado’s Henning Volkmer and Roger Guerrero about their recently-launched Corporate Server software for small and medium companies, branching to a lot of interesting topics, like the the continuing importance of printing documents (even in the digital age), dreams of leaving every laptop behind, the particular needs of SMBs and their partnership with DataViz. Take a listen to our interview with Cortado, also available on MP3.

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Episode 33: BlackBerry Thunder Questions, IM Head-to-Head and The Smartphone Challenge (BlackBerry Cool Podcast)


It certainly wasn’t a quiet week at BlackBerry Cool HQ. With barely any time to recover from back-to-back national holidays, we learned that Bell and Telus are trying to charge us for incoming SMS, the BlackBerry Thunder may not be the BlackBerry Thunder, and the BlackBerry Javelin may be here before Christmas. Oh, and let’s not forget the release of the sequel to the most hyped mobile device, ever.

On the home front, Simon was able to piece together the mother of all BlackBerry IM client reviews while also providing an in-depth guide to everything you’d want to know about The Smartphone Challenge (trust us, this is something you want to know about).

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The Smartphone Challenge FAQ (audio included!)


The Smartphone Challenge is bringing a busload full of decked-out BlackBerry to small and medium businesses around Texas. The company in question gets these devices with free airtime, apps, and service for two weeks, after which the Smartphone Challenge tries to take the BlackBerrys back. To date, they haven’t been able to wrestle the handsets from the fevered grasp of these SMBs, but the Smartphone Challenge continues to dare companies to put away a BlackBerry after they’ve spent some quality time with it. The big thing is education - supporting new users and smoothing the learning curve is absolutely essential to increasing adoption.

Here’s everything your company needs to know about the Smartphone Challenge.

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